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  1. Hello all, we have the sturdy red snap setter from Tandy, but would like to source snap hardware from elsewhere. Any recommendations on good, made in US brands that will work with this Tandy hardware, without a new die set if possible? We are using these primarily on 8-10 and 10-12 belts, and have hopes that we can be guided by your experiences here.
  2. Hello again leatherworkers, good news for us in that we have sold and shipped this clicker. Thanks for all of your inquiries. It is a well-made unit, just not suited for our particular die.
  3. We ordered a Weaver 4-ton manual clicker, but it just won't do what we want it to. We tried a couple of pulls on our cutting board, but no happiness happened. Stock photos of the unit abound, but we can send pics of this one if you are suspicious this is not brand-new. We are in for $1200; if you are looking at retail that's more like $1400, so there is a possibility of a bargain here for you. Local pick-up, or freight around $150ish depending on how far you are from southeastern Pennsylvania. E-mail leatherman54@hotmail.com or call John 215 514 1989. This little charmer needs to find a good home soon!
  4. Your post set me back on my heels, in a good way. We are at the point of releasing the fire bellows of the Internet, birthing a website to (we hope) blow on the embers of our business and make the transition to "retired". Seems you are where it looks like what we envision as our carrot. Kudos to success! Watch for your birthday to be 83 years and 4 months - that's one thousand months, a milestone to be feted!
  5. Hello all, I am thinking of getting an electric branding iron made to identify our leather products (belts, director's chairs, three-legged seats, lamps, whatever) but am unsure as to how to go about it. I think that an embossed stamp would not be visible on the flesh side of leather goods, which is why I am thinking of a branding iron. Will this show up well on the back side of leather? What is the most cost-effective way, do you think, to make a dark mark which will last? I'm looking in the $100 range, is that possible? Sorry to be so vague and inquisitive - a search in the forum didn't really answer my questions yet.
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