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  1. Bob, Thank you for this information, it has convinced me that I need to go the Resin path and not the filament for my 3D Printing leather stamp needs. I have a few suggestions if you don't mind on the laser engraving which I have been doing for a couple of years now. I see that there is some over smoky burn edges during the engraving. A simple solution is to place a piece of low tack masking tape over the area that you will engrave on, so when the engraving is done you lift away the tape and you will have crisp engraving edges. Some people also like to wet the leather, actually more like damping it before engraving it. I haven't gone that route because the tape works for me but just an FYI. And if your laser engraver has the ability to do so you can add an air assist that will blow unto the area being engraved and that will also prevent the smokey over burn. Hope this makes sense, thanks again for your info on the resin printer, I can't wait to get one. Roger
  2. Dwight,

    Thanks for your advice.

    I just wanted to let you know, I clicked on your website link you have on your message and it goes to a blank page.

    Just wanted to make sure you knew.


    1. Dwight


      Thanks . . . we took it down a while back . . . still unsure if we will put it back up . . . 

  3. Don't be sorry, I totally agree. I also understand and believe that sharp items should be secured. I don't get cut when I use them, it happens when reaching for something around it or if they are on the workbench I don't want the blade getting damaged. But I do appreciate your insight. ; ) Roger
  4. Chuck, I didn't think about hanging the tool roll. Thanks Roger
  5. Zuludog, I like the pouch idea. I don't want to leave it exposed on my wall. I have limited space so I can see myself reaching for something and if it's on a loop getting sliced with it. The pouch might work. I was just wondering if anyone had made a sheath for it or something like it. Thanks again for the idea. Roger
  6. chuck123wapati, A tool roll would work when storing it. I still would like something I can hang on the wall and get to easier. But I might have to settle for the tool roll, had not thought of that. Thanks Roger
  7. I agree Alaisiagae I should only need to cover the head section that has the blade portion. Just can't figure out a nice looking wrap around that wont be cut be the curved blade. Roger
  8. Hi Everyone, I am sure most of you have used or come across the Super Skiver or perhaps its brother the Safety Skiver that looks like a Potato peeler pictured below. I am trying to figure out how to properly store them without cutting myself every time I reach for either of them. Don't like the open blade in my work area so I figured I would create a sheath for them so they can be properly stored. The design is just not coming to me with such an exposed curved blade. I searched the forums but could not find anything like this so I figured I would ask you kind folks. Have any of you made a sheath/holder for either one of these or have any suggestions? Thanks in advanced for your help and recommendations. Roger
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