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  1. I have a Model 5 and sew two 8oz belt blanks together to make concealed carry gun belts. It goes thru 16 oz of leather like it is soft butter. Two pieces of 4 oz leather won't be a problem. Once you get the thread tension set for what your sewing they run great. I find that I need to oil my machine each time I use it, if it's been a few days or week since it was last used. It will do 3/8 leather with no problems. Hope this helps.
  2. The change over to digital was brought on because the US is running out of radio frequencies. Each nation is allocated so much frequency space by an international communication union and that's all your country gets by international law. As stated before the analog TV signals took up huge amounts of space in the US radio spectrum. The Europeans have had digital and HD TV for a long time. We were supposed to have switched some time ago, but the politicians got into the process and that slowed up our transitions by about 5 years. Digital TV packs a lot more signal in a much smaller space. For those that already can receive Digital broadcasts, the picture is much better in quality. While not HD TV it's a leap ahead of analog. There is big $$s riding on the auctioning of the old TV frequencies. There are many different businesses bidding for the newly freed up radio spectrum. The last I read the government will auction off the frequencies to the highest bidders. I would like to be a fly on the wall at the corporate offices of the bidders, should be some fun!!!!!!
  3. You might also want to fun a stitch line (or even a double line of stitches) around the belt slot cut out. It will help to keep it from coming apart with use.
  4. It's a red meat, was a little greasy, slightly gamey tasting, fine grained. Kind of tasted a little like mule deer venison but not as tough. The skunks in that part of the country lived off the land and not in garbage dumps. They eat small animals, grasses, wild berries, wild grains, etc.. fairly decent diet. I only had it one time, it was too greasy for my taste, but wasn't that bad. I'm glad my grandfather cleaned and skinned it!! If you shoot them just right they don't have a chance to spray their scent!!!!!!
  5. Photoshop Elements 6 is about $80, Elements is a stripped down version of the full Photoshop program. But many of us find Elements is all we really need. Photoshop CS 3 or 4 is somewhere around $600. Paint.net is free and works on Windows computers, it uses Microsoft Framework. It does a great job of resizing photos along with simpler editing tasks.
  6. When we lived in the wilds of NE Washington state back in the 60s I used to hunt tree squirrels in the winter. It takes a couple dozen to make a decent meal. They are great until the snow gets so deep that they can't get to their cache of food. They start to eat pine and fir needles and then taste like turpentine! My grandfather used to hunt ground hogs and bake them up. The trick there is to bake them on a rack so the fat drips off the meat, otherwise they are pretty strong tasting. I've eaten rattlesnake, cougar steaks, venison, elk, 4 types of grouse(blue grouse are the biggest, up to 4 lbs, but they only live on the highest ridges, lots of hiking to get to them), buffalo, skunk, raccoon, and snowshoe rabbit.
  7. Well here's one of myself and my wife, sisters, husbands, and mother. I'm the one on the left side of the picture in the blue plaid shirt, my mother, my brother-in-law, my oldest surviving sister, my baby sister, her husband behind her, and last but NOT least my wife in the wheel chair. My oldest sister was 2 years younger than me and passed away last year. My niece brought her ashes up to the Seattle area to be buried with my sisters favorite sister-in-law. About the only time our family gets together is weddings and funerals.
  8. What type of steel and where are you buying it from, for mouth reinforcement? John
  9. I made a sizing belt, 11/4" wide by 72" long. I punched holes every 1" and marked the length (40-41-42 etc.) right on the belt. When I sell at gun shows and such, I have them try on the sizing belt where they like to wear it, then take the size right off the belt. Works great!!! John
  10. I wonder who does the Buffalo Wings!!!!!!! John
  11. That's outrageous!!!!!!!! Next time you make a skull clock what do you think about using a skeletal finger for the 1, 2, 4, 5.7,8, 10, 11 positions on the clock face? Have them pointing out from the center. Just a thought. John
  12. I like it, looks like one of the characters in one of the Harry Potter movies. If I remember right it was the hat that selected which house the new sturdents were assigned to. John
  13. Shorts, look for Shoe Goo or Shoe Goop (same product) at a sporting goods store. I used it to put felt soles on fishing waders and they never ever came off. It's a very thick nearly clear glue (kinda like heavy rubber cement). Apply a thin coat and put on the fabric then put a little pressure on it, let cure for 24 hours and use it. I've used it to fix all types of things that normal glues won't adhere to and it's always held tight. I even fix a cracked plastic tank on my carpet cleaned and it's still doing just fine after 2 years. John
  14. I'm John Anderson, got my handle, gunfighter48, because I used to do Cowboy Action Shooting. It's target shooting with six guns, pistol caliber rifles, and shotguns - mostly double barrel. You have to dress as the real cowboys did or as the TV cowboys did. Nothing better than playing cowboys and indians with real guns!!!!!!! I grew up in the 50s with all the cowboy movies and TV shows, was the fastest draw on my block!!! So gunfighter, born in 1948 - gunfighter48. I started doing leather work because I couldn't afford the prices being charged for six gun holsters and belts. I still like doing holsters and belts, along with other leather work as I get interested in something new with leather. I am trying to start a part time business doing belts for folks that carry concealed weapons. A good belt makes carrying a pistol much easier. Off to a slow start as my wife hasn't been doing well lately with her Parkinson's and that's been eating up my spare time. But it will get there eventually. J Double A Leather Works is my business name. John
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