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  1. I use a Durst M600 photo enlager with transparent sheets.
  2. Pfaff Powerline 2545-700; Pfaff 1425; Global 9335 WF B-LH (335 clone); Willcox & Gibbs 4 thread overlock machine.
  3. Perhaps this helps, see page 3 http://dixiesewingmachine.tzo.com/MANUALS/PFAFFSERVICE/245-1245(11-88.pdf or http://www.schmetzneedles.com/learning/pdf/industrial-needle-chart.pdf page 72
  4. I've just finished a top for a m3a1 halftrack, up to 9 layers army canvas. I used a needle with a round tip. I wouldn't use a leather type needle for this material.
  5. Thanks Tor, I also live 10 min from Utrecht.
  6. Hi Najram, I bought mine here: http://www.andrevowebshop.nl/a-16711785/bies-uitvoering-wf9335/dekplaat-91-040894-21-im/ It is a reproduction, I can't find a brand on it.
  7. This is an Adler 467, I think 374 is a subclass. http://www.vadana.nl...l-durkopp-adler
  8. The feet, feet dog, Plate etc. is for a blockbinder configuration.
  9. Royal Dutch motorcyclist association.
  10. I use this machine with binder and regular, it takes about 15 min to change it. The parts aren,t expensive.
  11. I have a similar machine with a 1500 W 7 Nm motor, limit values and 550W 1,2 Nm, rated values. I bought my parts at www.college-sewing.co.uk . they have feet for the 867
  12. Hi, I use in mine 467 needle system 134-35 I noticed that with thick materials a R-point is better than a LL or LR-point. Because of the asymmetry of the LL or LR-points it moves in the material to one side and hits the feed dog.
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