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  1. Thanks Dwight. I never thought to do that. Great Idea. I will give it a try. Tom
  2. Any one know the dimensions for something like this? Length of straps etc.?
  3. Looks great! I'd say they turned out very well. I always struggle with product pics.
  4. That is plenty thick enough. Plus, you need to be able to get the concho screws thru the leather.
  5. I usually use 7/8 for the top layer and then line the back with a 2-3 oz liner. Then bend it and kind of pre-shape it. It will conform to the horses nose over time.
  6. It is available on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Lanas-Fabric-Cold-Tape-Black/dp/B018JO5FDA/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=cold+rubber+tape&qid=1603953919&sr=8-5
  7. Thanks, I will give the sand paper on the needle a try. The cup seems pretty clean.
  8. The one you are looking at from Weaver I bought a while ago. It never really worked very good from the start. Inconsistant spray pattern. Now it just spits a splattered spray all over. Not usable at all now. I would save my money and get something better.
  9. I don't see any advantage to buying through Tandy. You don't get the 15% business discount and you still pay a flat rate $300 shipping cost. Price is the same as if you bought direct for Leather Machine Co. I was hoping you could try them at the store and purchase there, but you can't.
  10. In my opinion, CS Osborne tool quality has gone WAY down over the last few years. I won't buy anything of theirs anymore. The best tools for the money, IMO, are the Weaver Master Craft Tools. Check them out. Very good quality at a fair price. Tom
  11. A customer wanted me to make him a custom tool pouch with this tape clip on. I had to buy a cheap pouch with it on at lowes and tear it off to use on mine. Had to do the same thing for the hammer loop. I could not fine them available anywhere.
  12. @Kolton45 where are you located in PA? I am in Mifflin County.
  13. Looks like it came out really well. Hope you like it!
  14. Awesome! Are you building it or is someone else?
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