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  1. I charged a fella $75 for mine last fall.
  2. keplerts

    Loop Irons

    I saw them in Beiler's Manufacturings catalog. They are amish but you can call them. They are in Lancaster PA.
  3. I just got a quart of Barge from Weaver Leather in Ohio. But I can't find any Weldwood at walmart anymore.
  4. I make all my belts up but leave them long and cut them to size when they buy them.
  5. I have had great leather and service from ALD. Their strap leather has a softer hand than HO but tools and molds great. Their customer service is top notch and they ship out same day if most times.
  6. I think Weaver leather offers a sharpening service.
  7. Beautiful work! I love the color combination. Your tooling is very nice.
  8. Great work! Is the back side of the belt lined? Is so, it does not look like you stitched around the edge. Any reason? Thanks, Tom
  9. I have used Stohlman's table for these lots of times and like not having to always be figuring out or come up with the right numbers. Everything is subjective, but using these tables for me keeps it simple and uncomplicated. I also like the Stohlman style of fender.
  10. Thanks, Josh, for the reply and explanation. Makes sense and is very simple. I have two rigs to do and was wondering what your process was. Thank you again! Tom
  11. Awesome work as usual Josh! Did you put a welt in the holster? Also, how did you measure for fit? Did you measure buckle end to center hole while straight or after you cured the belt strap? Tom
  12. I believe Weaver Leather manufactures their own clicker press (as well as all their Master Tools) and is made right in Ohio.
  13. Thank you, yes, I see it now. I use kangaroo for my wallet interiors and have been very satisfied. It is strong and thin and makes a great wallet.
  14. The old CS Osborne tools were very well made. Their stuff now is basically junk. No attention to quality or craftsmanship. It is sad, really. If you want quality punches and tools at a fair price, check out Weaver Leather Supply. I have many of their tools and for the money they really are well made and sharp.
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