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  1. It is available on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Lanas-Fabric-Cold-Tape-Black/dp/B018JO5FDA/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=cold+rubber+tape&qid=1603953919&sr=8-5
  2. Thanks, I will give the sand paper on the needle a try. The cup seems pretty clean.
  3. The one you are looking at from Weaver I bought a while ago. It never really worked very good from the start. Inconsistant spray pattern. Now it just spits a splattered spray all over. Not usable at all now. I would save my money and get something better.
  4. I don't see any advantage to buying through Tandy. You don't get the 15% business discount and you still pay a flat rate $300 shipping cost. Price is the same as if you bought direct for Leather Machine Co. I was hoping you could try them at the store and purchase there, but you can't.
  5. In my opinion, CS Osborne tool quality has gone WAY down over the last few years. I won't buy anything of theirs anymore. The best tools for the money, IMO, are the Weaver Master Craft Tools. Check them out. Very good quality at a fair price. Tom
  6. A customer wanted me to make him a custom tool pouch with this tape clip on. I had to buy a cheap pouch with it on at lowes and tear it off to use on mine. Had to do the same thing for the hammer loop. I could not fine them available anywhere.
  7. @Kolton45 where are you located in PA? I am in Mifflin County.
  8. Looks like it came out really well. Hope you like it!
  9. Awesome! Are you building it or is someone else?
  10. I purchased a Laporte tree from Shawn Howes back in 2016 to build a saddle for a customer who trains mustangs. She went with the cable rigging. I found the trees to be very tough. Almost indestructible. You could also sand the bars or wherever if you needed to adjust the shape. Screw hold very well in it. My customer has been using it daily and LOVES the saddle and tree. I would not hesitate to buy another. Shawn did say the Laporte trees were tougher than the Chicago Stock Yard trees, which are made by Shawns brother, Heath. Best thing to do is call Shawn and talk to him. He and his father have built and sold hundreds of saddles with these trees. Hope this helps, Tom
  11. I stopped buy anything new by C.S. Osborne. The old stuff is good is you can find it. For the money, Weaver's Master Tool line is high quality and reasonably priced. I love their punches, edgers, etc. Give them a look.
  12. I bought the set with the RED band on it a few months ago. I believe it is 9 SPI. I really like the set. The steel was polished and smooth. The prongs were very small, sharp, and left a very small slit in the leather and the stitching looked great. I ordered a set with the YELLOW band on it (4mm) and received it last week. Right away I noticed the steel wasn't as nice, smooth and polished like the first set I got. The prongs were quite a bit larger in diameter and left larger holes in the leather. I was hoping for the small, thin prongs like what was on the first set I received. I appears that the manufacturer has changed or the person making them is not of the same skill level. So, the first set/generation of the chisels I rate at a 5 and the second set/generation I rate at a 2-3. But for the money I can make do with what was sent.
  13. Yes, I patched it with "Magic Mender". It is the stuff they use to patch upholstery that has a tear in a car seat. Then I put adhesive on and sanded the suede with a dremel to make leather dust. It worked well but I told the customer the suede would probably rub off. Haven't heard anything bad about it from them. So, I'm assuming it is all good!
  14. I bought some of the new stitching chisels the Weaver Leather sells. I bought the 9 stitch per inch set. I have worked really well and for the money do a great job. The slits are very thin and fine. Have had no problem going through about 8 oz of kangaroo with them. Some folks have commented about them bending after a few uses, but they are not meant to be whacked with a heavy maul. I slowly tap with my tooling hammer and get a great result.
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