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  1. I'm going to in my next order I make, I was just curious if anyone on here knew of anyone.
  2. I would be curious what the cost would be. What a great subtle way to mark your work. Add to the fine details of ones work.
  3. Hmm, I wonder who you'd have to get ahold of get that done.
  4. So I recently became a resale for Moore Maker Knives, while looking through their website i noticed on their knife scabbards they sell, their copper rivets have their name on them. The link will show what I am talking about. Do any of you know here you can get such a setter? http://catalog.mooremaker.com/images/mooremaker/02scabbardcomp.jpg
  5. Thanks for the prompt replies. I just told my customer he'll have to wait till I get back from honeymoon in a couple weeks. Then I can work to fix it or just remake it if I have to.
  6. I am making a double stitched shoulder strap for a guy, and while sewing at my machine, which is in my garage (in Texas, un-airconditioned) the sweat from my arm turned a few spots blue/grey!!!! The leather is herman oak.....It will be a natural finish so I cant cover it with dye. Is there anything I can do?! Need to get it done by Thursday. Im getting married this weekend so I will be out for 2 weeks starting friday.... any and all help would be greatly appreciated! 1
  7. I do have Stohlmans books, I'm fairly confident in the leather making part, I was just hoping there would be a premade case to work with, the base skeleton at least.
  8. I am wanting to make either a hard takedown case or a leg of mutton case for my o/u. I have a couple questions for either case... .1) for a hard case, leather bound.... Do any of you know where I could purchase or find a pre fabed wooden case to work the leather on? 2) to make the mutton leg bag, what would be a good material to use as a stiffener? Thanks ahead of time all! I am envisioning a full coverage Sheridan toolied case on either...
  9. It would be for a belt. I'll stick with the veg tan.
  10. yeah, I'd call that fancy! You put some time into that rig!
  11. I'm working on a belt and was wondering if suede makes for a good liner? I usually use 2/3oz veg. Any thoughts on this would be great. Thanks ahead of time.
  12. Just finished this strap last night. 9oz HO, suede lined. Customer wanted me to use her husbands custom buckle he wasn't using. I have made several straps in the past couple years, but this is my new favorite! Hope y'all enjoy! (fret not, I punched the button holes just after this picture was taken.) Another tidbit, I recently started doing some engraving and cutting silver and copper Christmas ornaments, I stamped the 'Texas' using a 14ga copper texas I had cut out. Figured out how to kind of make custom stamps! Have also used some smaller 1.5" texas cut outs to stamp on some beer cozies.
  13. Your work looks good. I will agree with you one the layout part. I have tried sever times to draw up a sheridan pattern, but everytime it looks bad. I have read through the sheradin book several times (I forget the name) but I just cant seem to get it straight. I would love to see the bible cover, you mentioned. I am about to start a bible cover as well for a christmas gift.
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