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  1. What did you use to get the dimpled look on the leather? Ballpeen hammer?
  2. Are you thinking of making the round disk bigger than the belt or similar size? If its much larger it will either be stiff enough that it will hold its shape, but will jab into your abdomen when you bend down to touch your toes/finish your enemy/take their stuff, or it wont and the bottom edge will likely bend when you do. A 6-7" diameter (di) circle of 7+oz leather should work, provided the bottom of the belt sits at the top of the hips, similar to my own, where a 9-12" di circle would require something heavy 10+ oz I'd imagine. As for the "bulk" of the belt, i cant imagine there being a problem with your base layer riveted or sewn directly onto the disk. Though you could always attach the disk to the belt at both sides and then try removing the centerpiece if it doesn't fit well. I use the slight bit of gap I have to carry spell packets/throwing knives with me, so its a plus in my books. If you want a solution that you cant mess up, experiment with Cuirboile/boiled leather/however you want to say it. It will likely take you a few tries to figure out how to cut, stamp, tool or otherwise decorate your piece, but if done right it wont flex, bend or mess up other than the short time while its still plastic-y, and as an added bonus can afford to be much thinner. That's something I have no experience with however, so you'll have to talk to someone who knows what the heck they're doing.
  3. Its a rather interesting design, I found it on Instructables a while ago, and tried playing with it. There's a few technical issues with making it out of leather but its a nice looking piece. Attached is the printable PDF for the gauntlet's pieces that the creator released. gauntletdavidjguyton.pdf
  4. Looks good. I like your solution for covering the joint of the hips and torso.
  5. hmm, hadnt thought of that. Thanks, I'll do exactly that!
  6. So, first post. I figured someone here might have a better idea of how to do this than me trying to destroy my working copy because i'm prideful. I'm currently trying to attach a piece of 5-6oz leather to the back of a 2oz leather bracer, via rivets and rubber cement, so that the edges of the thicker top piece wont curl. The major problem I am forseeing is that if I glue the pieces together while they are both flat, that when it comes time to wear the bracer, that it will be too rigid to get it to flex around my arm, even if i soak the piece in water. So far I have three ideas that *might* work; Firstly I was going to just glue the outside of the piece onto the base while everything is flat, add the rivets. soak it in water, and then try to form the whole thing on my arm. The "hold on a second" plan, as i started to think of it lately, was to wet both pieces, attempt to form them loosely, and then glue the top layer onto the backing as both pieces were wet and on my arm. Rivet to finish. Then I started getting out of hand by planning on glueing a strip down the middle, riveting top and bottom to get it to stay there, soaking, partial drying to get a surface the glue can grab, and then just glueing and sticking the piece down with pressure until it holds. I'm kind of at an impasse. Opinions please? Veg tan leather, dyed chocolate cherry, and tandy's rubber cement, pieces in the picture below.
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