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    Sewing Machines and capabilities. Tips and Techniques for sewing and tooling leather.
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  1. Sporty1

    Working Chaps (Bison)

    Very nice work as usual. Nice job on the tooling.
  2. Sporty1

    Tricycle Restoration? (my second project)

    Wow! That is very nice.
  3. Sporty1


    Very nice work!
  4. Here are some other sheaths that I have done for the same knife maker. He didn't want tooling on these.
  5. Very nice work. I like the tooling!
  6. Thanks everyone. I'll try and get a picture of the knife tonight and post it. I've done several sheaths for him and he does awesome work. I'm working on the next one for him as well, I'll remember to picture the knife as well in the future.
  7. Really nice work. Welcome to the forum!
  8. Very nice! That should last someone a lifetime..
  9. Haven't posted for awhile and thought I'd share this. I did this sheath for a custom knife maker that had a customer wanting a leather sheath with tooling.
  10. Looks really good! Well done.
  11. Sporty1

    1911 Holster

    Very Nice work! I'm just finishing one similar to this. Hope it turns out as good as yours.
  12. Great job, nice clean details.
  13. Mocivnik, it is a 7-8 oz. Veg tan.
  14. Sporty1

    Bible Cover

    That looks awesome! I have a local store that wants me to do one for them, hopefully it turns out as nice as yours!