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  1. I'm sorry, I meant to reply to this earlier. Thanks to you both for your insight! I went with the pure neatsfoot oil, and it really turned out well, I think. Hopefully it'll please my friend as well. Thanks again!
  2. I'm making a camera strap for my friend who saw one I made for myself and liked it. She is a minimalist and likes her leather products to abide by the dictum, "let the leather be the leather." She's fairly famous and is sent top-of-the-line products to feature in her editorials, etc., and some of those have been high-end leather bags and such. (I only mention this as context to show she has a well-informed opinion of what she likes, and though I'm not doing this in order to be featured or promoted in her work, I do want to give her the best I can do, since she's an old friend and I know she has high standards.) She prefers the aesthetic and tactility of unfinished veg tan leather, but I've never given someone something without a finish of some sort, and I'm worried that since it's a strap, and she uses a camera constantly for her work as she travels 11 out of 12 months in the year, that heavy use might take its toll more quickly than if her strap did have some sort of treatment applied to it. Maybe it would be a negligible difference. I just don't want to give her something that forsakes utility over aesthetics. So, is leaving it unfinished a terrible idea? And if so, is there some finish that best retains the color and texture of veg tan? She also likes the way it looks and feels to have veg tan take on the patina of use over time, so I don't want to deny her that either. I'm mostly concerned that it might affect the structural integrity of the strap, especially when it has a several-thousand-dollar piece of equipment on the other end, though it's only just under 2.5 lbs.
  3. Could I get the pattern as well, if it's still being offered? aedoes@gmail.com Thank you, e
  4. No hay vida hasta el cuero.

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