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  1. I just made a bracelet out of a scrap piece of 8oz. I have heard of people using olive oil as a finish. It actually gives a very nice russet color.
  2. I have been collecting stuff to get started for a long time...I have never seriously gotten into leather work but I really want to. Today I stopped at a local custom kitchen place, to see about getting a scrap piece of marble, granite, or quartz. The guy said "I have to pay to get that stuff hauled away. There are a bunch of pallets at the back of the yard, drive back there and take what you want." 12 x 24 1-1/4" thick....I am just going to put a couple of 12x12 stick on linoleum tiles on the bottom to protect the table.
  3. Thanks much guys... I saved the pic...off to practice practice practice! Chip KJ4QCV
  4. My biggest problem seems to be holding a straight line with the basketweave. By all means explain what you mean by stagering the stamp. Maybe I just have tunnel vision and only see 1 way to do it.
  5. I am fiddling around with the idea of making some name plates for members of my ham radio club. This is my first attempt at making one...My basket-weave technique leaves alot to be desired. I think a larger basket-weave stamp would be easier.
  6. Does anyone know where I can find either wooden or marble pieces like these specifically the 2 in the front... LINK... without the name plate attached. I want to make some nameplates out of leather.
  7. RealeatheR Crafts...Does anyone have experience with them? I am looking at several of their stamp sets on E-Bay. With the economy the way it is I am bargain shopping but afraid there is a reason they are that cheap.
  8. Very nice. I hope my first attempt goes that well. I also agree for safeties sake cover a bit more of the trigger guard. Nice XD by the way.Very nice. I hope my first attempt goes that well. I also agree for safeties sake cover a bit more of the trigger guard. Nice XD by the way.
  9. Wow it is on a military surplus auction right now I might put in a bid its only at 50 bucks right now.
  10. What do you think the max thickness would be on that machine?
  11. Certainly if I could find on on a government auction.
  12. I want to start sewing my own leather holsters would any of these machines be suitable? I am hunting auction sites so I will probably be posting more.: 745R30 Consew 440R2N Chandler Machine 328RB1 Consew
  13. Hey no screw up or mishap...it's just added re-enforcement!! Looks good.
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