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  1. A lot of folks will use the term pricking iron for both pricking irons and stitching chisels. There are different. The pricking irons are intended to just put a mark on the leather that you then make the hole with a stitching awl. Stitching chisels are heavier and are used to actually make the holes. So that could be why the tines our your pricking iron are looking worse for wear. Take a look here for more information: https://www.goldbarkleather.com/sourceblog/chisel-vs-pricking-iron You are off to a good start, keep at it! Allen
  2. Quilters rulers. https://www.omnigrid.com/quilting-sewing-supplies/rulers/omnigrid-standard-rulers/ They have many sizes, are clear so you can see what you are measuring. I use them anytime I need to make 90 degree cuts.
  3. AndyL - That is a great piece. I have been needing to do the same. I appreciate that you posted a pattern. Thanks. Allen
  4. ANNOUNCEMENT ------- The Executive Board met and voted to cease operations of the Guild. Those who paid dues in 2020 will be refunded. The assets of the Guild will be liquidated and the proceeds donated to the Stohlman Foundation. Please email treasurer@iilg.net to request your refund, including a current mailing address. Refunds will be made by check and delivered via postal mail. Allen Cope President IILG
  5. Hello, I am also in OKC. There is a leather guild that meets the first Saturday of the month at the Tandy Store in OKC. You might try them out. Let me know if you run into any problems, I'll try to help out if I can. Allen
  6. http://www.barrykingtools.com/swivelknives.htm http://www.leatherwranglers.com/products.html Clay Miller Killeen, Tx on Facebook as Miller Custom Leather
  7. This item has sold. Thanks everyone!
  8. PM Sent.
  9. Aluminum.
  10. Low-use Tippmann Boss for sale. I moved up to a Cobra Class 4 and this one needs a new home. Package includes: Boss stitcher, original manual, instruction video, and tool kit. 7 bobbins A selection of needles: 7x3 110/16 (2) 130/21 (2) 160/23 (12) 180/24 (2) 200/25 (3) 794 160/23 (9) 200/25 (2) 230/26 (2) Presser feet: standard, left, right , center Material Guide attachment Boss LED light kit Over $1600 new. Will be shipped in original Tippmann packaging and then double-boxed for additional protection. Located in Oklahoma. $1100, includes shipping to the lower 48 states.
  11. Welcome Dirtmonkey! I am out on the west side of OKC.
  12. Hello, Take a look at this siteL http://www.andrewsleather.com/notebook.htm It might give you a few ideas.
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