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  1. I've just received my first order from Acadia leather- they have some incredible stuff and they have free shipping in the contiguous U.S. http://www.acadialeather.com/
  2. stelmackr- thank you, the wonder tape is kind of expensive but it saves me a lot of time. This looks much more reasonably priced and perhaps it will work better. Tugadude -Thanks. No, they are knife rolls for chefs.
  3. Hi, Does anyone have any experience or know if tanners bond double sided leather adhesive tape can be sewn through without gumming up your needle and machine? I have been using Wonder Tape and it works OK, it hold the leather long enough that I can get it sewn without it moving and I don't have to glue. Plus, if I ever have to do any repairs it will be much easier. I just saw the Tandy's double sided tape and it doesn't say if you can sew on a machine with it. Comes in two kinds - Tanner's Bond Adhesive Tape: contact style for permanent adhesion. Tanners Bond Repositionable Tape: repositional style for the ability to remove and reposition Thanks
  4. Thank you all for your input. I will post a picture when I get them done. I bought some kydex to make knife covers for my son's knives, so I will run that by her too. I'm going to make a couple and put them in my convection oven on the dehydrate cycle and see what happens. I had mentioned briefly about using the chisel covered in plastic to form the cover and that went over like lead a balloon, it's what started the whole conversation about moisture still in the leather and dryness. I feel they were very dry, she decided to let them dry for a couple weeks before using. She did say they fit better than the ones I made dry. I cut a 3 inch piece of bamboo in half and folded a 6x2 5oz veg tanned strip over it long way after wetting, then I stitched. It looks good, I didn't bevel the edges or anything because well, it's tool cover. She's going to write the chisel size on the outside. Did burnish the edge a bit with gum, just because I like it that way. I will see. Thanks again.
  5. Hello, I'm fairly new to leather working but have sewn all my life. I am doing OK but I still have a lot to learn. I have question about wet forming with veg tanned leather. I am making some wood chisel tip covers for a client, and was telling her how I make them. She is concerned that it doesn't get dry enough and her chisels will suffer for it. I thought they were very dry but her concerns are very valid, she spent a lot of money on her chisels. How do I know for certain they are dry and have no moisture left? Does the leather hold a lot of moisture? What is your experience with knife sheaths? What is the best procedure for drying? I was just leaving them sit on a shelf for a few days. Thank you very much Kat
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