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  1. Hmm, replacement blades on evil-bay, Amazon, numerous craft stores, but no-one seems to either sell the tool or have it in stock...anyone coming over from the US to the UK soon?
  2. Dirtclod: Yeah, last time I used mine, wherever it may be hiding, it did leave a pin prick, but that would be covered by a rivet. Didn't think about using a plate or similar and holding it down... Double C: Just checked Amazon Uk and they have them for about £7 ~$11, so might treat myself for Xmas...
  3. Ok, search results came back with too many hits, so... For a new sporran I'm making for a friend, he wants a 'targe' decoration. What is the best way to cut a circle of leather? Would a compass cutter do? I tried tracing around a rond cookie cutter, but it didn't work very well...
  4. Hi, Just getting back in to leatherwork after a VERY long break. Used to make basic re-enactment gear and possibles pouches for bushcrafting, now making sporrans as far cheaper than some of the stuff you can buy. Some of the Clan branded stuff is either very tacky, or just too darn expensive. Made two day sporrans for my kids - ok, but very basic, and a dress leather sporran. Starting again from scratch, so wil be using the forum to find out how to do stuff again. Working on a very tight budget, so looking to get the most out of the few tools I have.
  5. Hi Bill, Thanks for the feed back. This is only my 3rd sporran 2 day sporrans for my kids), and my first dress one. Due to a young framily, money is tight so I'll stick to the auto-awl for now. I'll bear in mind the advice about the belt loop - used my sporrans as a guide, and didn't think about makng the loop bigger. I've attached some stiff leather to the inside of the back whichstiffens it nicely, and helps to hold its shape.
  6. Well, Had a week off work due to illness, so finally got around to making a sporran that a friend commissioned me to make... I finally got hold of an auto-awl, which makes stitching a lot easier and faster, if a bit more painful when you stab yourself with the pointy end...
  7. Thanks guys. I've actually found a DAFA 28mm rotary cutter with a scalloped blade, lurking in a box in the loft. I think I'm gonna hve to upgrade to a 45mm so that I can get the pinking blade for future projects. I'll post images of the finished sporran as soon as I can find the lead for the camera.
  8. Hi, New to the forum and getting back in to leather work after a long while. Tried searching but this forum is a bit too big for my question to bring back the result I want... I'm making a leather dress sporran and in place of the normal metal cantle, I'm doing a fake leather cantle. A cantle is a metal frame, a bit like around the top of a ladies coin purse. And my question is, I want to make the outher edge of the cantle scallopped, but when I try this on test pieces, I don't get a nice even edge. Any one got any suggesstions or ideas please?
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