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  1. Thanks TwinOaks, Jimbob, Tnawrot2 and Trox !! In the first place I turned down the pressure and, doesn't sew as well as with more pressure, but I can control the work and it leaves less marks. Then I tried to rubbing out the marks with some water drops and the edge of my burnishing tool and the marks dissapear but, of course, appears a shining line... that looks better! :D For now I will work this way but searching for a best wheel or foot for my adler: (that is no triple, but double feed and it has only one bar for the feed... I think one old owner change parts and things and now isn't all original ) > I'll continue investigating! but sewing leather meanwhile Thanks a lot guys! Greta
  2. I bought an old secondhand leather sewing machine (an Adler 169) and all's right except the marks that makes the pressing foot: it's a little wheel with a graven impressed (I think it's for pull the leather better) BUT this leaves marks on the leather. If I got down the pressure doesn't sew good because not drag the work. The problem: The guilty: That only happen significantly in cow leather, but is the one I want to sew. There's any trick to avoid it? Or you know if a teflon wheel exist? Or something to do after in the leather to eliminate or dissimulate? Please, any idea will help! Thanks a lot!! Greta
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