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  1. Images of this machine and a little more information available here: Thanks!
  2. Sorry the link above doesn't seem to be working. This one should work - http://www.tippmannindustrial.com/product_info.php?products_id=29 We'd also be willing to do $900 for the machine - thanks!
  3. Hello, I have a fairly new Tippmann boss for sale (see link below). I bought it Jan 2012 but it's only been used once or twice - we ended up not working with heavier leather and it seems a shame for it to be just sitting there. All original accessories are included, as well as some additional threads I bought from Tandy (black, natural, white) if you want them. We're looking for $1,000 for it (it goes for $1250 on the site) with $70 shipping. But if you live within 40 mins from us (our zip code is 11222) we could deliver it for $20. http://www.tippmanni...?products_id=29 Thanks!
  4. Hi anester05, We've got a Tippmann Boss machine, which we purchased new in Jan 12. We used it once or twice, but realized it was best for heavier leather and haven't really been working with heavy leather. We live in NYC, so shipping might be pricy, but if you're still looking for something, feel free to email us! info@coldpicnic.com Peter
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