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    Leatherwork, hunting with my lurchers and my sling shot

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    dog collaers , knife sheaths
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  1. Really top quality I will be ordering more from him soon
  2. My custom made awl from Kevin lee off of Facebook the thing is a work of art
  3. No it never pinches it That clip is a big 1" clip and looks lost on the d ring lol
  4. New collar for my strong pulling hunting dog
  5. I used 2mm bridle leather for the main part and 4mm bridle for the shulder strap sewn with 1mm waxed flat tiger thread
  6. What do you guys use as padding for collars and so on I used neoprene but was a heavy collar then I want something lighter
  7. Just finished this one today for a customer
  8. He does better ones tbh but this will do me
  9. the gafer

    New hawl

    Just had this hawl made for me off a chap on Facebook I really can' wait till it arries he makes all custom leather tools his name is Kevin lee and such a nice chap to deal with too appolagies if this is in the wrong section but was excited about it lol
  10. I do make and sell all over the world I have a Facebook page called kcb leather with all my work on there
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