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  1. Bronco, If something ever works out give me a holler!! Thanks for your kind words. Have a great Thanksgiving. Terry
  2. Wow, what a small world!! Mike, if you'd like to do this class check out the Kickstarter project "BootBuilders" and also look on the Facebook page there, it explains it in more detail. If it seems good to you or if you have more questions...contact me at 254-230-7898 shop or e-mail at tdglueck@gmail.com. It would be a privilege to instruct you in boot making. Thanks, Terry
  3. Hi Immiketoo, I would be honored to instruct you. Check out the link and the Facebook that is linked to that as well. There is more information there. If it seems like something you would like to do....call me or email me to discuss further. Thanks for your consideration, Terry
  4. Hi Sylvia, Well...how about that?! You are right. That's a whole different angle that is much worth exploring. Thank you, Terry
  5. Hello to all, I am new to the leatherworker forum and wanted to let folks know about a project I am beginning. BootBuilders is a new boot school that I am launching. It is a different way of building boots that I know people will appreciate. I have set up a project on www.kickstarter.com (here is the link:http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1578131561/boot-builders-a-new-method-of-boot-making?ref=email). This explains the school and it also gives folks an opportunity to sign up for the 2 week course at a discount. My FaceBook account is also linked there, under Terry Glueck where it explains more about the method of construction. If anyone is considering training in boot making, feel the liberty to contact me with any questions you might have. The project on Kickstarter ends on the 9th of Dec. and whether it is awarded or not I will be opening the school. Thank you for your Consideration, Terry 4Square Leather.com 254-230-7898 Shop
  6. Thanks Jack, I will track these sites down. I appreciate the time taken here. Do you think posting here on leatherworker might stir some interest in the boot school? If so, is there a particular category to enter it in? Again Thanks, Terry
  7. Thanks Jack, It certainly hasn't taken off at any alarming rate. Would you mind critiquing the project for me? Is there on forum category better than another? Terry
  8. Hello to all, I am new to the forum, really to any forum and I would like to run this by ya'll. I am a boot maker that is about to start teaching boots to the public. I have taught a number of young adults within my church community and now my son and I are about to embark on a full blown school. I entered a project on kickstarter called "BootBuilders", it has been on for a week now. Would this forum be a good place to let folks know about my project? If you are not familiar with this website I will leave a link for you to view. It is an opportunity to sell leather goods to fund Bootbuilders. But, I am also offering a 2 week class at a discounted rate for people interested.....would this forum be a good place to spread the word about my school. I certainly do not want to offend anyone here with my project. I know of other "forums" that I would not be comfortable posting this. So, I am wanting your feedback. If it seems appropriate how would I proceed? If not..... Many thanks in Advance, Terry 4SquareLeather.com tdglueck@gmail.com Here's the link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1578131561/boot-builders-a-new-method-of-boot-making?ref=email
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