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  1. Thanks, I think I will try some conditioners.I'm tired of this happening. Luckily its not very far along, so not much time lost
  2. These pieces are both Hermann oak leather side pieces, oil dyed with a light color dye, then I oiled with pure neatsfoot oil. Left oil sit now for two full days and the left hand piece is way darker. Am I doomed our can I fix this somehow? Pic
  3. I have a plan to make a wallet that includes room to carry 3 check books. . What thickness outer leather and what wouldyou use for the tabs that hold the check book in the wallet? I have a card board version if it helps to see what I'm thinking
  4. I just want to understand what leathers work for what. I generally stay towards collars and horse tack for now
  5. This does help. But I'm wondering, I've seen pig, lamb, snake, elk, horse, etc What for when?
  6. What thickness do you go with? Also, where have you found best place to order it from?
  7. Hoping someone can explain the different types and what to use when. I'm so confused!
  8. I make collars, horse tack, etc. What is the best lining leather to use? There are so many leathers, I'm so lost which to use for what
  9. I got the patterns from dusty Johnson. I traced on tag board and then I modified them how I wanted then. I also used measurements off my current saddle. I also used Stohlman books as a reference
  10. I have not been posing in quite a while, but I finished or should say almost finished, my first saddle this spring. I see a million things I'm not happy with now, but live and learn. I made fenders too long, buckles ended up way high, under the jockey or near to it. I need to cut and add leather Rosettes yet, lace rear skirt asking spine area. I'm really not thrilled how big the skirts appear,I was hoping for smaller. Saddle is also heavier then I planned. I used 12 Oz leather I think it was, but I'd go thinner next saddle (barrel racing) Not crazy about rigging, would probably choose different on next one too.
  11. I'm not much help because I'm novice too, but you can sure email me to bounce around questions and ideas. I'm skiing the same type of items you are. Stef73433@Yahoo.com I'm not much help because I'm novice too, but you can sure email me to bounce around questions and ideas. I'm doing the same type of items you are. Stef73433@Yahoo.com
  12. Joe, normally I would use the sandwich technique, but I am making it to match a head stall the gal already has.
  13. I'm making a breast collar. Can you please explain the double loop stitch and how to do? Thanks!
  14. I'm working on a set now that is hair on hide, sewn to leather. That leaves an unsightly greyish blue edge from the hair hide. How can I finish edges to look neat?
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