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  1. Im glad they help, hopefully you'll hit bullseye.
  2. Hey Ferg, Thanks for the offer, but I'm going to hold out on your offer, The machine runs too good to let it go for that price, Thank you for offering.
  3. I also have a Singer 29K for sale. I'm asking 450 for it OBO, it comes with the stand in the picture and does work, The machine is in east Georgia USA and will ship anywhere. This machine is large and will be expensive to ship i am sure. Let me know if you are interested.
  4. I have a used Shoe machine, all works, but does need someone who knows how to adjust the tension and all that good stuff. There was a hand crank added to the wheel so it can be controlled easier. It is a beast of a machine and will make someone a good saddle stitcher or whatever else you decide to put under it.The machine is located in east Georgia USA and will ship out anywhere in the world, thanks to Steve Bonnett from down under it has made the process not so bad. This machine weighs around 70-100lbs, so keep that in mind on shipping. Thanks and please look at the pictures, Contact me for any other questions. The price is 550.00.
  5. You are all welcome, I am just passing information like so many of you do on here. Enjoy.
  6. Thanks Logan, but Mr. Steve from down under is getting it. Thank you for looking and showing interest.
  7. Thanks fellas, I made this in the evenings for a friend of mine that just had to have a shoulder rig, It is pretty comfortable and wears really good once you adjust it to fit. Thanks for the compliments and I am glad you liked it.
  8. Here are my first set of braided reins. They are braided with 4 pieces of 1/4 " 5-6 oz leather. I think they turned out pretty good and with the rawhide as an extra support on the bit end they are plenty strong, I pulled pretty hard on them and they held up with 230 lbs pulling on them. anyway does anyone have a place where you can get the quick release latches and or some leather lace cut to the size specified? I know I can get the latches from any hardware store, but looking for a place to buy in bulk..cheaper than 2 bucks each, and i know i can use my lace maker, but would prefer some already cut, any positive helpful information would be appreciated. Thanks for looking.
  9. My cousin needed the boots modified to fit her calfs better so here is what the back of the boots look like, I did the double stitch on the boots and still have to complete the front side, but all in all they turned out pretty good I think. The pics show the process.
  10. Hello everyone, My name is Scotty, I have been a sewing machine addict for a few years now, I have several of the industrial singer machines, a champion stitcher, a British shoe machine, and a few i don't recall. Looking to get the cobra class 4 soon....My wife calls it a sickness. i guess in some way she may be right.lol
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