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  1. like once a year i am in the mood to make something new out of leather and there i go...a new quiver for my primbow was needed. since i dont like backquivers and i already have a holsterquiver....here is a version for the lazy ones, i can stick it into the ground when i am shooting and i can hang my bow on it when i need a rest hope it inspires some of you (:
  2. thanks! well it's just a hobby for me and i am doing leather stuff maybe 2-3 times a year when find some time. but just for myself or good friends of mine. so i am sorry that i can not help you with your wallet. if you are interested to see what i've made so far anyway, then take a look @ http://www.scortea.at/index.php/portfolio
  3. i described how in the thread of my first 3d skull bag, have a look there. good luck molding ;-)
  4. compared to the first bag of this kind i think i improved it a little bit :-) first bag; http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=43945
  5. @chadnorth; i tried that lately to cover it completely but it turned out to be easier and of better looking to glue the parts together. will show the new bag here as soon as i can catch a photo... thanks to all the nice feedback from the other posters =)
  6. lately i've made myself two quite similar wristwatches. not quite a big deal but i like them :-) i have bought two cheap clocks from china (around 15-20 dollars) which look of high value even when they're not at all^^ i have "sealed" the back with a fine leather piece to cover all the rivets and leather straps. also you can at anytime put the wristclock off the bracelet to change batteries or wristclock... i have put some pictures step-by-step to my non commercial website: http://www.scortea.a...lio-lederuhr-20 http://www.scortea.a...deruhr_nr__2-21 maybe it helps some peeps :-) happy leatherworking! - manuel
  7. http://www.scortea.at/index.php/portfolio-3d_totenkopftasche-19 << there you can see some pictures of how i did it. the molding part is quite easy if you know how....and there are two ways i use: 1.) you take a thin piece of leather, put it in hot water for a couple minutes, wrap it over something which has a round shape. now you will have the basic shape of the head, then take some plasticine (plastilin in german) and put it inside, this will help you keep the shape. now add the details with your fingers or small rounded tools, i just used the back of some pencils since these are rounded and got a smooth shape so you dont scratch on the leather. 2.) a lot easier. you can wrap it over something which already has the form you need. either you take a little toy which is not to filigree for this or if you are skilled, mold yourself something out of clay. another good point on this one, you can use it over and over again and it saves a lot of time. hope it helps ;-)
  8. thanks for the nice feedback incase you are interested in seeing my older stuff visit www.scortea.at (non profit, no commercial) i will soon add more tutorials. they are written in german but you can use google translate if interested in following them.
  9. hi, i am new here and did not make any leather things for about a year. ...but today i was motivated and spend some time (about 4 hours) on a new idea which was a 3D Skull i modeled out of a thin 2-3mm leather and then glued and punched it on a bag. i think the result isnt that bad and i liked the idea. :-) how do you like it?
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