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  1. Am i missing something I clicked the tutorial link Drac left but it just keeps loading the same forum page that im currently looking at!
  2. If you look at the pictures I posted earlier, The top of the project has what I would call a normal thread look, The bottom side seems to have a tight look to it, the holes seem to be streched and the thread appears to be being pulled tighter into the leather. This is only a problem when the leather gets thicker. I am using 4 to 5 oz lined, on the edge where it gets 4 layers thick I get this issue. I am sure it is a adjustment but not sure what to adjust as the manual states counter clockwise etc but I am not sure if I should rotate the AUX tension, Thread tension, or Bobbin tension.
  3. Okk dream team, I cant read the needle, I am going to assume it is a 23, since that is what I also received a 10 pack of, I am using 207 thread and I have tried to rotate the thread tension in two places but not really getting any difference in the backside. One of the adjustments is near the top left back of the machine and the other I adjusted in pretty close top the needle itself on the side, I rotated both of these about a half turn, as the manual says small adjustments, is this not enough to make a difference? I did not want to turn these things too much and really be in trouble. Any ideas,
  4. When you say back off on top tension, are you talking about the thread tension? How can i check to see needle size. I am using the needele that came with the machine. Thanks
  5. Congrats Viking on working out your issues. I have been reading along and now that one disaster is avoided I need some help too. I am going to attach a few pictures I hope!!! Here is my issue when sewing on some of the thicker portions of a holster my bottom thread seems to be very tight almost pulled into the leather, it does not look like the top. What tension should I adjust to even this out. I am a rookie on the 3200 and not sure if this is thread or bobbin tension issues. It may if fact be something totally different. I look forward to the replies. The first pic is top and the second is bottom.
  6. Could someone in the group explain to me how to sew the mouth and toe of a holster and then sew the side with a machine. I understand I could sew the mouth and toe while the holster hasnt been rolled over to form but that would have to have some extra stiches at the start and end on the sew line... Any help is appreciated Chad
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