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  1. Hello all, I have been looking at post bed machines for sewing shoe uppers and boots and was wondering if there are any products available for converting a post bed machine to a flatbed for doing boot tops also. Do any companies already make something like this, or does anyone have experience or photos/diagrams they'd be willing to share here of table converters they have made? Thanks -Also I am pretty decided on the Cobra 5110 for the machine I want, http://www.leatherma...log.php?item=25 -Cobra has a "work platform" for their class 3 and 4 machines. This is pretty much the idea I'm going for, but I want it on a post bed rather than then cylinder arm. http://www.leatherma...log.php?item=44
  2. Hello all, I have recently been working on a pair of shoes for a vegetarian friend of mine and have run into a wall when it comes to attaching the soles. I am having trouble coming up with a suitable alternative to leather for making an insole to outsole that can be welted by means of a feather. Any suggestions? Is there a way around this that anyone may have experience with such as forgoing the welt entirely and cementing the outsole directly? Is there something that may work in a similar fashion to a cut feather for sewing the welt? Thanks in advance Kenneth
  3. Thank you. Alberoni has been very helpful here. Great suggestion.
  4. Thank you both for your feedback. I will definitely give these machines a look, and online stores. Art, I agree. Lisa Sorrel is amazing. Her Craft in America video was one of the first things that spurred my new interest in this. Leatherimages, thanks so much for pointing out this distinction to me. It has increased my google search returns quite a bit as well, lots of good info and blogs coming up now.
  5. Hello there, this question is for any shoemakers or anyone with some input out there. I am interested in getting into bespoke shoemaking and am looking for advice, recommendations, and input from those of you with experience. I have been doing plenty of research and am still unsure what kind of sewing machine might be the best fit for me. I have been looking into walking foot machines but i would have to say that the majority of the videos and images I've seen of people actually sewing vamps and uppers on machines using a roller foot rather than a walking foot. is this better for cobbling or are these, roller feet, designed to do things specifically that walking feet are less compatible to? some other questions I wouldn't mind answered: -places I can purchase single pairs of rubber, silicone. shoe soles that I could cement to shoes I make. (I want to work with canvas shoes too) -tools: where to buy them, or how to make them. which ones are essential. -suggestions on books, videos, websites, etc. that have useful tutorials and instruction. - anything else you can suggest
  6. Hello all, I am new to this forum and new to leather working so thanks in advance. I am interested in getting a Highlead GC0318 (http://www.highlead....ead-GC0318.html ) mainly because it will fit my budget for a non portable walking foot machine. I am interested in working with a wide range of fabrics and materials, but primarily canvas and leather. The first concern that I have noted it that I can not find a binding attachment for this machine specifically. Does anyone have experience with this machine? Is this a clone of any other brand (pfaff, juki, etc.?) Does anyone know of a specific feet, and binding attachments that do work with this model? Alos what are the limitations with working with lighter fabrics like cotton or regular fabrics? Thanks!
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