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  1. I paid for a laser cutter to cut some intricate edge work on a couple of pieces I did. I was told it smells a bit, but his system was vented already, and took multiple passes. The edges were black and there was a little soot along the edges but the soot wiped off easily. Other than being black (which didn't matter because I was dyeing them black) the edges were no different than hand cut edges. I had no shrinkage or warping.
  2. When I was starting out with masks, one (or maybe more) of the tutorials mentioned casing with boiling water. I also didn't know the difference between veg and chrome tanned. So I had a mask cut out from a scrap of chrome tan white leather from the scrap bin. Dropped it in the boiling water and watched as it not only shrank, but shrank unevenly so I couldn't salvage it as a decoration/doll mask. I regularly use the oven to dry my masks, I have occasionally ended up with grill marks when I wasn't watching closely, but they have always been of the back or light enough that they can be covered by the acrylics I use to paint the masks.
  3. It is really simple to make the pattern, you just need a big sheet of poster board to fold around the item. There is a portfolio in my gallery that I made that way based on these same pictures.
  4. http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?app=galleryℑ=27179 http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?app=galleryℑ=27181 http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?app=galleryℑ=27178 The pattern worked very well. I used 1-2 oz veg tan but find it a bit thick when folded. Sorry I used links I couldn't figure out how to just put pictures.
  5. Thank you. I am in Canada and we dont have Joanne fabrics. The two fabric places I checked did not have linen thread.
  6. Just a few questions. Some of which are probably incredibly basic but I haven’t found an answer yet. Can I use thread from the fabric store if the stuff from Tandy is too thick and I am not ready to order from somewhere like Tiger yet? What kind of thread? Would I wax it? Chrome and oil tanned leathers come in thicknesses and stiffness like veg tan? I just can’t tool it? I am thinking for satchels and bags mostly. Is bridle leather just a type of veg tan? I can mold it and use it like regular veg tanned? Thank you
  7. Everything you need to know about casing (wetting) leather is in the thread pinned above. Here is the link: http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=19121
  8. I made the bag. The picture on the box was more use for the final steps than the instructions were. And the first time I tried to use the bag the rivets popped on the shoulder strap and then on the handle when I tried to use that. But at least I have a nice pattern now.
  9. I made the bag. The picture on the box was more use for the final steps than the instructions were. And the first time I tried to use the bag the rivets popped on the shoulder strap and then on the handle when I tried to use that. But at least I have a nice pattern now.
  10. I just wet form the masks on myself for male masks. I have a cheap styrofoam head I picked up after halloween for a couple of bucks. I would love to find something larger though. Life casting isn't as simple as it looks btw.
  11. I don't do holsters, but I am interested in lining wet formed pieces. If I am understanding correctly, you take your veg tan, contact cement your lining and can then wet mold it as if it were a single piece? Glueing the lining leather before molding does not cause any issues with the molding process?
  12. I lined it with pigskin. I tried to include card slots, since the purpose of the bag is for his ginormous phone when out clubbing, I thought they would be handy. But they didn't work and needed to be surgically removed because they kept catching the phone as it went into the bag.
  13. Yay. I am no longer alone (on here). As much as Tandy is bad mouthed on this site, and their quality IS questionable, the local staff are very friendly and helpul.
  14. The first is a hip bag I made for my boyfriend. There is a strap that snaps on the lower rings and the upper clips can snap on belt loops or a simple length of belt with a ring on either end. It is lined, and the edges are laced to hide the sandwich since I couldn't seem to burnish it enough to make it look good. There are six card slots inside, 3 front/3 back, but they didn't turn out well and I don't think they are really usable. He is also wearing the harness suspenders I made for him, but you can't really see the silhouette tooling I did on them. The cuffs are the first piece/s I have ever sold. They are a custom pair based on the earlier design in my gallery that I made for myself. This time I did line them with some pig skin and turned over the edge at the wrist. I found them interesting to make because I had to just trust my measurements and I couldn't even put them on to make sure things were lining up because his forearms are way smaller than mine.
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