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  1. Thanks for all of the info. Right now I am really enjoying the Adler I bought, and it is making such a big difference in what I am able to design.I chose that machine based on much of what I read on this site, so I really have appreciated the input. I have had a couple of instances where it drips oil on my leather or suede at the start up of the use. So I am thinking it is best to do a few stitches on scrap before using it for my project, but other than the oil issue I am thrilled.
  2. Hi. Another newbie to the site interested in buying an industrial machine.I have really appreciated all the insights on this website (especially the postings on machines by Wizcraft). I have been sewing leather and suede handbags on a Bernina 730, and I have not been able to get through many of my designs with this machine. And, I worry that I could be putting undue stress on an expensive home machine. I have been looking at used and some new machines in my area, and I have been testing them out using a pile of about 8 layers of leather and suede (the most I could imagine sewing.) I tried a used Juki 563, and found it was tough for me to change the stitch length. I also tried a Consew (new) 206, and wasn't sold there either. I tried a Juki 1181 (new) which wasn't able to make it through my leather stack, but the dealer thought there was a problem with the bobbin and suggested I try it again after they had worked on it. They also had a used (probably at least 20 year old grey) Adler 167 which had no problem going through the leather. I was leaning toward the Adler although I am a bit worried since I am not "mechanical" and worry that an older machine might be prone to more issues. Also, I would need to switch out the motor to the servo motor which the new Juki already has. The dealer's service guy seemed to think I would be better off with the newer Juki since the price of the 2 was about the same by the time I switched out the motor. Any thoughts on the tradeoffs of an older Adler vs. a new Juki. I do understand from reading this site that the Adler walking foot is probably a better choice for leather. Also trying to stay under $1300 since I already have one expensive machine! Thanks! Kate
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