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  1. Sylvia, waht grain do you use for sanding? Thanks Martin
  2. I defiantly will wrap the head in plastic. The last time I did send stuff with a container a Sofa got moist from salt water, no idea how that happened, but the sofa was done. Martin
  3. I was thinking to take everything, but for the matter of packaging, I'm only concert about the head. For the servo motor I still have the original packaging and the table is quick taken down. Cheers Martin
  4. Hi There, Looks like I will move from San Francisco, CA to Hamburg Germany. Of course I want to take my beloved Juki 1541 with me. I already called Juki USA ,but they do not have any spare original packaging. Does anybody have tips for me how I best can pack up and secure the machine for a overseas transport? Thanks Martin
  5. Great! Thanks for that Link. I have been on this blog, but I did not saw this. I will try this next weekend, if my tow kids give me some free time. How do you like that 645P1 Enduro motor? are you happy with it? Cheers Martin
  6. very nice! and I admire your braveness drilling into your sewing machine for the mounting holes. Nice Job! Cheers Martin
  7. At first: Thanks for still having this great video up on YouTube! Very well done! I just got my first servo. A Enduro Pro SM645-2P with Positioner. Regarding this modification, I want ti know whether anybody has done this with a motor with needle positioner? This motor does have tow light paths and it is not possible to offset the light breaker how it is shown in the video. Cheers Martin
  8. Hey Tor, do you have a picture of you machine with that suspension guide mounted by any chance? Cheers Martin
  9. I checked out their webpage. Very interesting stuff! Lighs, Binders, walking foots. A lot of Item I have never seen somewhere else before. Thanks Trox. Cheers Martin
  10. I know that this a old thread but I would have titled it exactly the same. What I'm looking for, and could not find so far, is a cording foot to actually sew a cord on top of the fabric. I need the needle to be positioned at the center of the cord and not offset the the side like on the cording/welting foots I find everywhere. Thanks Martin
  11. I found the screw for regulation the hook oilier and and turned it back for a quarter turn there is still a lot oil going on bit the fabric stays clean. I think that did the trick. I attached a picture for the case somebody else has the same machine, same problem. Juki hook Oiler_0001 (1) by Martin Stahl, on Flickr Thanks Martin
  12. Hi there, I was using Coats Ultra Dee T90 Polyester thread and I been quite happy with it. now I'm doing more projects with mixed leather and heavy Cordura Nylon fabric with unusual colors where I do not need a hole lot thread for. So I was hunting for for some good small cone Polly thread and found at the Thread Exchange 2 ounce cones of bonded Eddington Polyester. I really do like the look of the thread but I have some problems working with it. The bounding makes this thread much more stiffer then the Coats Ultra Dee I was using before. To get a proper stitch I have to increase the thread tension a lot and that leads to a undesired amount of puckering. I already tried larger needles and I played with the pressure foot pressure, but I'm still not happy with the results. Does anyone has a good tip what I could try the get the thread tension down or avoid the puckering in a another way? oh... my machine is a Juki DNU-1541S if that matters... Thanks Martin
  13. as crazy as it sounds there a re not may places in San Francisco that have industrial swing machines and parts. I found only one place in the SF that I do not really like. Other wise I would love to go to a dealer and get quality products. I did order another foot set from ebay and hope that this one is better and I contacted Juki service. They sell parts too, maybe this is what I have to do even if the original Juki accessories are very pricy. Cheers Martin
  14. I got a tow sets of zipper feet for a Juki 1541S from eBay. $20.This is the first time I'm buying a walking foot from eBay and I'm really not happy with the quality of this feet. The needle foot does not meet the plate in a 90 degree angle and the foot seems to be to wide for the feed dog too. Did you buy parts like this from e-bay and what was you experience? do you buy always original parts? Cheers Martin
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