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  1. Bert51

    Bobbin holder case

    Brian, looks like you have designed them to be stacked, better then chucked in a small box like mine.
  2. Bert51

    Bobbin holder case

    Their is some really clever people on this forum, Wow, what you come up with is brilliant. Thanks, I love it.
  3. Bert51

    very large cones for #69 in UK

    Thanks Northmount, I was going to post pics this morning, but ran out of time.
  4. Bert51

    very large cones for #69 in UK

    You can buy a Thread Stand for the larger spools from eBay or I found it easy to make a separate stand for the larger spools
  5. Your machine appears similar to my 31K47 and it should have a gap like you have. I do not know the size of the gap, but the bloke who used my machine told me he made it bigger so he could turn corners easier with out losing tension. Stuart.
  6. Bert51

    Beware of "semi-industrial" sewing machines

    I think these must be the "RARE" machines I see listed on there?