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  1. Yep, your right Constabulary, Plastic Fantastic Machines can sew anything, just ask the seller. But you might need to upgrade the power the power supply. Bert.
  2. Sadly, I do not have any trust in them, any more. Bert.
  3. I have found that sewing any stretch knit fabric, Heavy or light I need to use SUK needles and back off your top tension a little. SUK Needles are Ball Point needles and I have found them to work well on all stretch or elastic materials. Bert.
  4. I think this is a lesson we all learn the hard way, I did in my early days of sewing. I thought I would be clever and get as much thread as possible in the bobbin only to find as you did that the bobbin will jam or be hard to turn and stuff up all you tensions. It does not matter which bobbin I fill now, I only fill them to about 90% of capacity. Bert.
  5. I just had a quick look at the spec's for 62x59 needles and they are 41.4 mm , while 135x16 is 38.9 mm long. I don't know if you have you needles set at the right height for those needles. Bert.
  6. All mine are black, but it sure looks pretty in white and gold. Bert.
  7. Wow, it looks nearly to good to use, nearly. I hope this inspires others to build their own Stitching Pony. It does not need to be as good as your, so long as it works, that is all that matters. Bert.
  8. I think dikman has a good point, I would not class them as leather sewing machines, they are more suited to sewing heavy material or light canvas at best. Some of my machines are older then me and still sew like they did when new, I would hate to see one of those after sewing leather for a while. They look like my daughters plastic fantastic sewing machine, the plastic twists as it sews anything heavier then bed sheets. Bert.
  9. I think @chuck123wapati might have a good idea there, I have used a 12 cm computer fan to remove hot air from the the back of our caravan fridge and that worked good, it moves a lot of air. Being 12 volt you don't need an electrician to set it up for you. Sadly the older caravan fridges don't work all that good once it gets over 34 °C and along the Murray just after Christmas it's around 35 to 40 °C in the shade. Bert.
  10. If what I have read is correct, you only need a good quality soap to kill this virus. The 70% alcohol is not necessary if you use soap and that will not harm leather like alcohol would. Bert.
  11. When we had a farm my youngest daughter wanted a horse, it did not matter what I said she had to have one. I sat her down and we worked out how much the hay burner was going to cost to maintain, but that did not work, so I said to her if we get it she will have to get up an hour earlier to feed it and look after it before she goes to school and then put it away and feed it when she got home off the bus. Funny thing, I did not hear much after that. Bert.
  12. @dikman that way the horse will be able to catch it on the fence and pull it down as well.
  13. Anyone looking for 214x1 or 216x1 needle this sell has listed some. Plus he also has parts for 132K6 if your looking for them also. https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/stuarwatkin-57/m.html?item=203071961309&hash=item2f480838dd%3Ag%3Aud0AAOSw49pfL4bk&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Bert.
  14. Maybe that's what I need Brian, to get me off my butt. sadly I have not got back into my leather work since I had a stint in hospital last year. Bert.
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