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  1. Bert51


    What type of machine do you have? This chat is about a Singer 45K89 and it appears your bobbin is smaller. Here is a good place to look up your bobbin, Bert.
  2. Bert51


    The numbers for the bobbin is Adler 005 00 242 0, Singer 95093 and Towa #38 also known as type 39. It is just under 31mm long and 19.3 mm wide with a 5.4 mm hole. Bert.
  3. Bert51


    This may help. Bert.
  4. Bert51


    The Adler 105-6 feet will fit, if you can find them. I think the price would be a big problem for most sewers. I have been using GA5 feet and needle plates from Aliexpress. Bert.
  5. Bert51

    Oil on my 31-15 needle

    I leave a piece of scrap material under the foot of my machines, with the needle touching the fabric when I have finished using them. That way when I start stitching my threads are held and the needle is wiped and I cut it off my work and put it back when finished sewing. Bert.
  6. Bert51

    Needles And Threads

    I was on eBay looking for needle for a couple of my machines from a seller I have purchased needles in the past and I came across a picture of a page called "Industrial Needle Comparison Table", amongst the pictures of his needles to help with the various numbers for the same type. As I only have older machines and in Australia, I found he will help do the best postage he can. You can find him at Bert. I hope I am allowed to post that link?
  7. Bert51

    Sutton sewing machine

    The Adler manual I have is in German English and French, I think off hand, it is an operators manual. An Adler mechanic here in Australia told me to use the Adler 205-370 manual as the mechanics of them is basically the same. Sadly I found neither of the easy to follow, may be it's just me. Bert.
  8. Bert51

    Sutton sewing machine

    Needles are #328 or 214x1 for canvas and #328LR or 214x2 for leather. Manual is available on Adler's site last time I looked. Bert
  9. Bert51

    Sutton sewing machine

    Looks like an Adler 105 series, even the pot look like the Adler pot. Bert.
  10. Bert51

    Singer 31-15 Tension breaks the thread

    Sadly this seems to be an on going problem with some YouTube ( and other sites), once incorrect information is posted , it seem that people think it is gospel. Shame he did not remove it when you pointed it out to him, rather then saying "he no longer had the machine and couldn’t look into that person’s problem." I think he has ruined his other Video's as being educational. Thanks for trying CD. Bert.
  11. Bert51

    Threading an Adler 105-64

    I have a 105-6 and I use one hole with lighter threads and two or three hole with the heaver stronger threads that need more tension to control and sew with. Bert.
  12. This was posted a few days ago by mikesc " Go to this thread..scroll down to Constabulary's post..they are now hosted here at ..Trox kindly supplied them.. "
  13. I have a similar Machine, it's a 105--6 and the 328 is the right type, but they are also known as 214x1 or 214x2 or 4961. Hope that helps. Bert.
  14. Bert51

    Tension Help On Adler

    I found the needle size is a big part of the tension adjustment, what size needles do you have?
  15. Bert51

    Thread tension and twisting

    This is the Thread Stand I was using with a domestic machine when I was having problems, rather then make a new stand to give me more height I brought a industrial Machine and set it up at it's stand at the maximum height I could. I don't think it would be to hard to make a higher top bit if you used heavier rod, then I did.