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  1. Thank you, that's very helpful! By 'running' I mean the dye still runs or comes off to the touch or when wet. I was wondering if there's a better finish to lock in the colour? Or is the buffering the secret? That brown streaky effect I was going for wouldn't be permanent if buffed
  2. Hi I've been attempting my first leather making ever - making 3 belts for myself and family... They are really rough and I can see where I need improvement but my main problem is how do I stop the water based dye from running?! I've oiled (neatsfoot) and then finished the belts with Acrylic Resolene but I noticed that it still runs quite badly... The black one (pro oil dye) doesn't but the red and blue does.
  3. Sorry for hijacking thread but to clarify- the 'finishing' products available are tan-kote, resolene, harness dressing, atom wax, neatsfoor oil? and all prevent dye from running?
  4. Particularly interested in finishes to ensure the dye does not run before I attempt my first piece
  5. Apologies if this should be in the newbie section & I'm asking an obvious question? If so I can move it
  6. Hi Newbie here... How would I do this? (The colour dye affect not the wallet) Thank you
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