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  1. evelynwolfe

    Tippmann Embosser

    Interested if this is still available. I sent a private message.
  2. Thank you! Still trying to figure out the different forums. Apologies for the extra work.
  3. Hello All, I'm looking for a Tippmann Embosser, prefer one that has everything ready to go rather than something that requires parts to work. Located in the Louisville Kentucky area, but willing to pay shipping. Paypal ready. Thanks in advance!
  4. You are all wonderful! I just couldn't get my head out of the box on this one.
  5. Very nice work Josh! I think I want mine a little more under my arm. So I should lengthen the chest strap and shorten the back strap. Are these very secure?
  6. Trying to figure out something "Cowboy" for a 92fs. Needs to be a shoulder holster so the cowboy style fold over belt holster aint gonna cut it. Anyone have any ideas? I've surfed google and everything and I can't find anything "cowboy" it's all military.
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