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  1. If you find an Adler 220 at a good pries BUY IT, it is a far superior machine to any Chines 441 clone or for that matter its better than a JUKI 441 if tooth marks in your work is a problem and if you don't want to file the teeth down just fill them in with JB weld, COBRA AND COWBOY 441 CLONES DO NOT LAST VERRY LONG YOU CAN ALREADY FIND THEM IN JUNK PILES the 220 Adler will last a life time I ran a new Cobra 441 clone in to the dirt in 90 days beyond repair, I was using Kevlar thread on polyester web 7hr a day five days a week for just short of 12 weeks, so there you go that is precisely the durability of a 441 clone. the phone number to my sewing factory is 509 315-5988 address 3038 E. Trent Spokane WA.99201 CO. name A.Adler web sling & tie down factory www.aadlerfactory.com
  2. those 441 cobra clones seem to be made out of something not much stronger than hard lead, I ran 138 Kevlar top and bottom through mine making polyester slings. it destroyed the original bobbin case in twenty hours and cut (COMPLEETLY) threw the top eye before we finished the 15th one pound spool of Kevlar. In a commercial setting with hard thread stitching threw thick goods you will only get about 90 days at best and then it will be ready for the junk yard and don't ever try rebuilding one there just not worth it. Those chines clones are only for the hobbyist. It'aways the best value to buy used high quality sewing machines (Adler 205or Ferdco 900 bull or that big CONSEW but if you need to save money get a SINGER 45 there good up to about 1/2 inch or a singer 97-10 if you can find one. GERMAM-USA-JAPAN don't buy any machine from CHINA or INDIA
  3. I have a singer 45k here in the pacific northwest Spokane WA.to be more precise and it's mounted on a new table with a wmc motor and the bottom end of it was just rebuilt last week. I set it up to stitch from 4 to 9 stitches an inch. the top end of this machine is tight with absolutely no play in the needle bar. and I will money back guarantee this machine I can be reached at (509) 362-1035 or (509) 315-5988 ask for steve also look at this Landis #1 I have it would make a perfect mate for that singer 45k, the Landis #1 just had a 100% REBUILD and is probably the best example in existence even the shuttle is in pristine condition I want $1500 for the singer 45k and can deliver up to 100 miles from Spokane.
  4. Dude, I was just trying to help the guy out. Ferdco 900 b parts are available from Consew except the upgrade parts. Ferdco stopped the 900 b because it was less expensive to build from the lesser Juki 441 body and called it the pro 2000. The 900 b is the only clone that is an up grade from the original, its a shame Ferdco had to down grade to the Juki body to make a profit. But on the bright side if you cant find a used 900 b and want a smooth running machine that will last a life time there is still the Adler 205 ,the old Ferdco's ,Union Specials and Adler's main parts are made from that hard steel that will dull a new file. If you hit a Juki shaft with a file it will cut in to the part. The cycle life of a 205 or 900b is about 3 times that of 441.Thats 38 years of sewing talking. and you don't have to grab the thread and pull it through the tensioners before you take your work from under the foot, that will cost you thousands in man hours if you sew for money and the thread doesn't cut into the parts after a couple years and fray your thread. Buy the way I have for sale a new in the create Landis 1 believe it or not and a 7 class singer 7-11 with reverse on the front of the machine that sat unused for 99 years and a Landis 77 Mckay stitchery in tight working order and a three speed Mitsubishi t2u-4410 with servo and computer and key board and Nakajima 280L and two old patchers and singer 236weel feed post and two Consew surgers a 393 3 thread and a 395 5 thread and an Adler heavy roller foot boot top machine and a Consew 206r size M bobbin and a Landis 12-L outsole stitcher and a US Blind stitch machine and a 1863 Howe model b and a Union special oil sump tailor machine and a Chandler bar tack machine and more taking up space in my 14.000 square foot sewing factory I'd love to sell.
  5. It will cost you but if you get a big jump foot like a Ferdco 900b or like and a Consew 206rb or like, combined with the machine you have now you will be well on your way to being able to do just about anything with out farting around tiring to make a machine do something it wasn't made to do and you coming out with a crappie end product except shoes. next you'll want a 7 inch single needle post machine with weal feed. Im sorry commercial machines just are not versatile. first get a big Ferdco or like first, you will be surprised just how light of stuff it will sew and of Corse you can sew thick stuff there more versatile than they look. feel free to get a used machine lift the foot and check if there is any slack any at all and if there isn't that's a darn good indicator the rest of the machine is in good shape, if the foot bar is tight from front to back buy the machine if the price is right specially if the machine is not working and you can get it for a song, and then drop it off and have it serviced.
  6. )I have the stuff to set up a saddler or a leather man all used but in good shape, I want to sell it, just call my shop (HOT ROD UPHOLSTERY)Spokane WA. (509)362-1035 or (509)315-5988) ask for Steve thank you
  7. I have an Adler flat bed roller foot with revers this machine has an 11 1/2in deep throat and roomy space up and down much more than an upholstery machine like a Consew 206 rb but I don't want to call it a long arm, it will run 346 thread on top and 277 on the bottom and lighter thread like DB92 this machine sews in a very praises manner. it seems to be the same as the Consew SK 2r but in the roller foot configuration this was a very expensive machine new, I've never seen another and I've been the sewing business a very long time. I want $695 for the head only it fits in the standard table like the 206 Consew ...Juki...Adler and so on so the buyer can swap it out with there standard walking foot machine table as needed very convenient. my shop is (HOT ROD UPHOLSTERY) in Spokane If you want it just call the shop at (509)362-1035 or (509)315-5988 like you see on my profile pic. Ask for Steve thank you. PS. I have about 10 commercial sewing machines for sale. all together I have about 35 commercial machines and my shop is and only 7.700 square foot of shop and I need the room.
  8. IF you' a saddle maker or leather man I have extra heavy flat bed with revers for sale and it is a good one a really really good one (509) 362-1035 ask for Steve
  9. Landis #1 for harness or other types of leather or web slings these are still great sewing machines to this day. But you have to put it on a modern H leg table with a clutch or servo motor with a reduction weal don't let any body tell you any different Landis #1 just have there place of cores you cant sew doilies or do auto upholstery with it. still to this day they have a bottom stitch as good as a Adler 205 or Juki 441 I have one setup very nicely for $950. you pay the shipping. just call me at (HOT ROD UPHOLSTERY) in Spokane WA. (509)362-1035 or (509)315-5988 I have about 35 commercial machines in my upholstery shop and about 9 or 10 are for sale.
  10. To hum it may concern the Amish guy with Landis parts name is Eli and you can get his # from the Canpbell Randell people in Texas. google (Campbell Randell Texas)the lady that works there has his number I cant remember her name,and Cobra Steve also has his # Eli is slow to call back so be patient. I'm told he don't sell needles 1 at a time but if your going by a batch of 5 or 10 please sell me 1 I can be found at (HOT ROD UPHOLSTERY)in Spokane WA. where on line or better yet just call me (509)362-1035 ask for Steve. O buy the way Is anybody looking for a Landis #3 I've got one of those to and a blind stitchery set up for DB92 on Sumbrlla canvas this machine is for only an experienced canvas man the money you save on binding and time and remember the canvas folded over to make the blind stitch also makes the backing for the snaps. ask for Steve (509)362-1035 thanks again.
  11. I need a needle for a Landis #1 can anybody sell me one,I know there not cheep it would be greatly appreciated. I want to sell or trade my Landis #1 and you know people understandably want to see it work. You can call me at my shop (Stacy's HOT ROD UPHOLSTERY) at 3038 E. Trent Ave. Spokane WA 99202 (509)362-1035 or(509)315-5988 you can see us on line just google (stacy's hot rod upholstery Spokane) P.S. we have other heavy leather sewing machines for sale. Adler roller foot with revers it sews up to 346 thread on top with 277 on the bottom and down to 92 top and bottom. this is a precision machine you know boot tops and other fancy scroll work and of Corse just simply sewing. I also have for sale an extra heavy long arm with revers Singer flat bed I don't remember the model # that sews up to DB554 thread top and bottom and down to thread size DB138 top and bottom. And I have two small Singer 29 patch machines there both on treadle stands. If somebody has a Durkopp-Adler 767 fully auto I'll make you a heck of a deal. O we have even more sewing machines for sale like both 3 and 5 thread Consew surgers that are set to run DB92 the 5 thread safety stitch is for canvas a must for any high end canvas man, and the 3 thread is set up to bind auto carpet or even leather. And a Consew long arm size M large bobbin with revers. And more (509)362-1035 ask for Steve
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