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  1. Yes!! I need an 8 spi 2 tooth Dixon iron! So bad. I'd love the info as well.
  2. Thanks Matt. I fear they wouldn't match as well. I think my best option is to find someone in need of an 8 spi Dixon iron and reinvest the proceeds on a set of Blanchards. If only I could find someone with a spare 2 dente 8 spi Dixon. Would be much less of a financial hit for me.
  3. What a bummer that this comes around now. I need the #8 set, but right at the point of the month when I have the least $$ headroom. If these last you'll very likely hear from me again.
  4. I need some advice. I'm kicking myself. A year or two ago I bought a Dixon 8spi pricking iron. 9 teeth. I don't have much free time, so I've practiced marking and stitching with it. Originally--being cheap-- I thought I could try the tilted heel punching technique to navigate corners. I should have bought the 2-tooth 8 dpi iron. With the demise of Dixon tools I feel stuck. My question can I purchase a Blanchard 8 spi 2tooth iron and expect to get on with life or are they not too interchangeable?
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