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  1. DAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYUUUUMMMMM!!!! That is perfectly fabulous. So much awesome in one place. Bravo!
  2. I have one, but I am at work. I can take a picture of it later and send it to you. Just shoot me an email mhleatherworks@gmail.com
  3. Your work is always so clean and well thought out, I enjoy seeing it. And your pictures are awesome.
  4. These were cannibalized. But I looked all over for the clips and could not find them any where. I guess I will be stocking up on the old holsters.
  5. Thank you, Sir. I appreciate it. As for the screws, we have a tack shop in town, I get them there. I have no idea where else to find them....sorry.
  6. Thank you, Howard, for the kind words. This was one of those jobs that I just couldn't say "No" to. A chance to help out a Vet and do something totally new (to me) was too awesome to pass up. None of us ever reach the bar, but that shouldn't ever stop reaching for it. Thank you again.
  7. This was made for a client in Wyoming. Due to service related injuries, hip and shoulder carry would not work for him, so he wanted a chest rig. The other stipulation was the use of the clip from a UM-85 holster so that the rig could be modular and could accommodate any holster with the same clip. Thanks for looking, Enjoy.
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