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  1. Fd3615

    Firefighting Items

    Have not posted in awhile. Here are a few of my recent projects. Included is a holster I attempted, i think it turned out a little large, however I learned a few things
  2. pattern trade. I have shield shapes.. I'd be interested in a radio pouch pattern
  3. I've made a few helmet shields recently but this one was just delivered to San Francisco Fire. Thought I'd share.
  4. The letters are brush painted with enamel model paint.
  5. I am looking for a spring loaded pad holder that I can use to attach a notepad to a leather notepad holder I am making. Any ideas.
  6. Here are the two most recent items I created. A 2 inch wide set of leather firefighting turnout suspenders. Two custom radio straps.
  7. I haven't noticed any reduction in strength for drilling stitching holes. Now that I have a sewing machine.. I'll rarely use anything else...
  8. Very cool project. Nice when we get time to make something so useful. I am jealous. I want one.
  9. I love the machine. What made me buy it? Tired of saddle stitching.. lol.. I have never done much lacing, but do a ton of saddle stitches. Also I have customers that want decorative stitching on rifle slings and suspenders.. So it was a no brainer.
  10. NIce, how did you secure the lining? is it a rolled edge?
  11. 3 - 4 oz should work good and hold up to the wet forming process.
  12. I recently purchased a cobra class 4. I am wondering what the tricks are for sewing backing material onto straps. If it is a leather backing I know I can glue / stitch, and then finish the edges. What if i want to sew some form of padding? what are the tips and tricks?
  13. Wow thank you for the responses. Very informative, and much appreciated. Pictures would make this thread more informative for the next newbie lost like me..
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