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  1. oh my God!! finally a shop near (but not so near) me
  2. leong yik hing101, jln sultan, 50000 kl tel:20786836/4571 i have a colleague name Firdaus Hilmy too. haha, are you happen to be working with a bank?
  3. thanks, it was from scraps referring to pattern from book
  4. glue papers onto leather, let dry, then either coat it with transparent paint or with mink oil. if with mink oil, you have to cover with cotton cloth and iron it, apply few layers.
  5. thanks Jazznow, that bag is with me no more, next time i'll take more pic of my project.
  6. i cant help myself thinking that whatever we use onto wood are applicable onto leather. :x
  7. on the other hand, have anyone tried before using wood shellac onto leather? the paint shop owner told me someone did that, i'm eager to try.
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