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  1. +1 for a Bear Maul. I am very happy with the one Ed n Beary made for me a couple years ago. http://www.leatherburnishers.com/BearMauls.html
  2. The asking price is the retail price for a working 29-4 patcher with a base.
  3. Casemaker, this thread has long been dead. You might want to post a new thread with pictures and a price.
  4. Congrats on your wife getting the new position -- especially in this economy!! Sorry to hear you have to let the business go.
  5. Do you have pictures? Prices? Do you ship or is it local only? --Thanks
  6. on oldcowpoke.com. It appears that he/she has problems with their SQL database connection, so we can't see any of their goods. Oh well. On to other things...
  7. Free Plug for this sale. I don't know the seller, but I do know the tormek system. It is top notch and I use mine all the time for woodworking tools, kitchen knives, hunting knives and some of my leatherworking tools. Most of the leatherworking tools need to be at super-sharp levels, so I don't use the tormek for them *that* much. However, I do use the leather strop side of the tormek for my round knife and belt punches. Hopefully I am not stepping on Mike's toes here, but the standard tormek grindstone is 220 grit, but can be.....'switched' to a 1000 grit stone using the stone grader. I plan on buying the 4000 grit stone for my tormek -- that will make the transition to stropping with alum oxide or rouge much faster. This is a great price considering he is accepting paypal (and the huge credit card fees).
  8. medsar

    Tippmann Boss

    This has sold. Thank you.
  9. medsar

    Tippmann Boss

    With much hesitancy, I am selling my Tippmann Boss. I am one of those who likes the Boss and I have found it very useful. However, I found a screaming deal on a 441 that I couldn't pass up. I have been trying to find a reason to keep the boss since I like it so much, but I hate to see it collect dust. I want to see it used. I am not 100% sure if it's aluminum or cast iron, but I think it's aluminum. It's a 'Boss 2' by the serial number (just barely) and a magnet won't stick to it except at the end. However, it does have all steel gears/internals. It has very little use on it. Actually, I had 2 Bosses -- one cast iron and then this one. This was the 'reserve' Boss. It has been through....maybe 1/2 a spool of thread. I have shown a pic of the internal parts to show the little wear. Included in the sale: Tippmann Boss (of course) Standard Presser Foot Left Presser Foot Right Presser Foot Center Presser Foot Extra Needle Plate (standard needle plate) Extra Bobbins Cobbler Bench (shown in pictures) I have also included a sample of a belt I stitched with this Boss. (Note: no makin' fun of my leather-skillz) Price is $1000 for everything. I would prefer to sell locally (Seattle, WA) because I have no idea how the heck I would ship the cobbler bench. I know Tippmann does it, but that would be a huge hassle.
  10. I may be corrected by the actual experts, but I *think* that the wax is resisting the dye from completely absorbing. I used some of Tandy's waxed thread for a while and it had a TON of wax. The wax is still rubbing off projects that were made a year ago. So, I would *think* that using standard nylon thread would take the dye better (or nylon thread with a little beeswax if you are hand stitching).
  11. I am a happy owner of a Boss. There is a distinct learning curve, they take a delicate hand to tension correctly, but they work well. I finally got a good setup of pressor feet and a cobbler bench, etc etc. Then I find an amazing deal on an Artisan Toro 3000 that I couldn't pass up. It works and it seems to work well. So, now the dilemma and the question for y'all. Do I keep the Boss? I don't any repair work, nor do I need my leatherwork to be portable. Is there anything the Boss does better than the 441 clone?
  12. I go to the local art supply store and buy those sheets of pressed cardboard for 50 cents each or 69 cents each. They come in 'picture sizes' like 8x12, 11x18, 20x24 etc etc. If I want a more permanent pattern, I go to hardboard.
  13. is there a lot of demand for shoemaking/bespoke lasts in the US? I'd like y'all's opinion before I spend the huge amount of time doing to a market assessment
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