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  1. To make the slots I drilled out a bulk of the material with a forstner drill bit, then removed the rest with a chisel. Same way you make a mortise joint if you want to see the technique done on youtube.
  2. Not a problem. I think the design has been around for a long while. I've seen some wood gusset bags that are pre-1800.
  3. It has been a while since I poster here since I have mostly been focusing on wood working. The other day I decided to do a little crossover project and make a wood and leather messenger bag. The gussets are made out of Ambrosia Maple. The leather is 5/6oz. Overall dimensions are roughly 12x15. This is a project for me, but I've already had a lot of interest in it. I may make a few more.
  4. It might not be the prettiest girl at the prom, but I think it looks great to me. It has a certain old rustic flare to it that is very appealing. It looks like you should get many years of service out of it, and it will look even more awesome as it gets more distressed.
  5. Impressive carving. Was secretly hoping for Michelangelo the turtle.
  6. Covering the whole trigger guard was the original plan. Like I said, I measured my stitch line placement a little off, and it doesn't seat down where I want it. I think when I remake it, I will leave the back stitch line where it is at, and move the front forward about 3/4" so I have some space to mold a better tunnel for the front sight, and also get the trigger into place.
  7. Very nice first project. Looks like you did your homework before you dove into it.
  8. I recently picked up a Ruger GP100, and wanted to take a stab at making a pancake holster for it. I am fairly happy with the design, but I was a little bit off on the stitch line of the trigger guard. I underestimated how much room the cylinder takes up. It is actually a fairly comfortable holster to wear. The draw is pretty natural feeling. It is canted much further forward that a lot of holsters on the market, but it works well with my short arms and stocky build. Staining was a little uneven, which I was assuming would happen since I didn't use a great piece of leather to start. I figured I would probably make at least one mistake. It was close to the edge, and was water spotted before I started. Also had a bit of pitting to it. It will be serviceable for now until I can get to making another this weekend. EDIT: I also realize I am in need of a stitching groover and a punch for the belt holes.
  9. If only I wasn't in my apartment and had easy access to my woodworking equipment. Seeing your pouches makes me very jealous.
  10. Sona I welcome critisism. The look is basically what the guy wanted. There are a lot of things I would have done differently like I said, but you have to give the customer what they want.
  11. All of the knives have plastic blade covers for transport.
  12. I put about nine hours of work into this knife roll with the assistance of the customer. He is a big fan of rivits, personally I like stitching, but that would have added many more hours to the project. My customer got to try his hand at some of the tooling and cutting, and did the majority of the riviting work. It was a fun project, and he is very happy with it.
  13. Very elegant work. I love the simplistic, functional designs. Your execution appears flawless.
  14. Very impressive. The stitch work looks spot on. The belt loops are nice and sturdy as well. I've got to learn a better design.
  15. Great start! Everything looks super functional and well made. I like your slim wallet. I need to get away from carrying so much stuff and may persue something of the sort.
  16. In case of zombies, who needs practical. Hope you have a good belt to hold up those pants though.
  17. The next one will always be better. I'm new to leather and each project is better than the last. I've had to throw out a few things. I've done woodworking for years, and I've almost been brought to tears with the amount of money I've had to throw away with little mistakes. You should get a good bit of use out of the holster, and since it will be in the belt, you belt will keep it nice and tight anyways.
  18. I can attest to the regular leather weld stuff tandy sells sticking very well to wood. When making a cellphone case I glued to portion that was being cut away to the wood form to keep my cuts nice and clean. It took a good bit of force to get it off.
  19. Over time it may loosen up a bit since you aren't very close to your trigger guard and barrel. It took me a failure to get it right. I kind of traced a little bit bigger than the gun onto the leather as my stitch line, and it worked out pretty good. This was my latest attempt at it, and it worked out pretty good. Don't mind the failure on my straps. I'm going to fix that tomorrow.
  20. I see you are in southeast michigan. I am downriver / Monroe county area. This summer when I dig the lathe out of the basement, I'll give some fine tip acyrilic styluses a try. If it works out, I could get one to you. I'm sure they would hold up for a while. I've been bouncing the idea of a nice custom stylus around since I started working.
  21. I'm digging the moose. Any outdoorsman will enjoy it. That looks like a good project I could make for my father in law.
  22. Well, I've been wearing the holster since 9am at work today, and I can honestly say that I have forgot I was wearing it a few times. Where it sits, it hardly prints on my shirt at all.
  23. Good stain choice. That would look lovely on my old Winchester.
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