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  1. Fredk is right, that is two stamps. Look closely they vary, stamps don't change shape.
  2. Bigfoote


    Wow that looks great! Nice work!
  3. There are three topics that are best avoided on leather working forums, Sharpening, Oiling, and Gluing! Best to find out what works best for you and use it. There are no right or wrong in these topics, just differing opinions.
  4. I use Rhynowet sand paper to sharpen my tools all the time. 800 grit is great to start with but way too coarse to finish. I use 2500 to finish my tools with. when you get your tools real sharp, strop them every use and then you won't have to sharpen ever.
  5. Bigfoote

    Liquid steel!

    try some JB weld, any hardware carries it.
  6. Bigfoote

    Barge cement

    I gave up on Barge, too many fumes. I use a bunch of different latex based ones, they all work great!
  7. I use 3-4oz for exterior, 1oz for interiors, 4oz for interiors is way too thick.
  8. You have to make sure your holding your chisel straight up and down, don't lean it or the back will be out of line. The backing isn't that important. Cut a small wood block, and use it to hold your chisel 90 degrees to your leather until you get used to holding it properly.
  9. Fiebings pro dye solved all these problems for me. The USMC black bleeds a lot so stay away from it.
  10. Yes open a Canadian site, would be awesome!
  11. Everyone has a slightly different technique, and method of antiquing and use of other products. You have to do a little experimenting and find out what works for you, then stick with your process. I use gel antique for dye, have for years because it works for me. I also use resolene for a resist, and top coat, but others use different products. Whatever works for you is the proper method, and you won't find that process unless you mess around a bit. That is what that big pile of scrap leather is for, and if you don't have any, most leather shops sell small chunks of leather cheap.
  12. Start in the middle, between the two layers, leave a tag end about two inches, go through one layer to come out one side, two or three rounds through both layers, end up coming out in the middle between the layers, then continue over to the opposite side, come out one side or the other, go around two or three times through both layers, and end up coming out in the middle between both layers. Take the end of your thread and make a reef knot with the tag you left when you started. The knot will be hidden between the two layers and as long as you tie a good knot will never come undone or be seen. Done with one needle, hope this helps.
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