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  1. Everyone has a slightly different technique, and method of antiquing and use of other products. You have to do a little experimenting and find out what works for you, then stick with your process. I use gel antique for dye, have for years because it works for me. I also use resolene for a resist, and top coat, but others use different products. Whatever works for you is the proper method, and you won't find that process unless you mess around a bit. That is what that big pile of scrap leather is for, and if you don't have any, most leather shops sell small chunks of leather cheap.
  2. Start in the middle, between the two layers, leave a tag end about two inches, go through one layer to come out one side, two or three rounds through both layers, end up coming out in the middle between the layers, then continue over to the opposite side, come out one side or the other, go around two or three times through both layers, and end up coming out in the middle between both layers. Take the end of your thread and make a reef knot with the tag you left when you started. The knot will be hidden between the two layers and as long as you tie a good knot will never come undone or be seen. Done with one needle, hope this helps.
  3. It's 8 Oz leather, don't think it will be a problem. It's also glued.
  4. Wow Rohn, that is a beauty, really like the lace on that, cute little gun!
  5. Finished this up the other day, WC 8oz, medium brown Eco Flo gel antique, sewn with tiger thread. I think it turned out great!
  6. Punch a row of holes in a piece of Tyvek and try to rip it, bet you won't be able to. It's pretty tough. I really don't trust just the tape either, but lots of makers do and it seems to work. I sew mine with a 5 SPI chisel, not so many holes, and quick!
  7. I have a set the same. The black paint doesn't help them slide out, actually seems to make them stick. I sanded mine with 600 grit, then 800 grit till they were bare metal, then use beeswax on them fairly often. I also strop them every once in a while. They work fine now.
  8. I'm not a carver, I'm a stamper! Haven't done any carving at all, but did watch Don's videos and thought I'm bored, hey why not give it a try? I don't have half the tools he recommends, don't even have a flower center, lol. I have been doing leather for many years and consider myself fairly good. Any way just for a laugh here is my take on this pattern. I'm not going to buy any more carving tools because I don't really enjoy carving. Not looking for corrective criticism because I won't be doing this again for a while. That all said Don's a pretty good teacher.
  9. Yes I've had the same problem, partially solved by using one of these.
  10. Looking at my bottle of Fiebing's Edge Kote, it says right there do not freeze! The rest of your items are correct.
  11. Wow looks great to me! The only thing I can see is maybe just a little tight on your stitching on the bottom, or maybe you haven't hammered it flat yet? Your stitching is very clean. Great looking project your buddy will love it!
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