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  1. sideforce

    My first westernrigg

    Excellent work!
  2. When using linen thread I cut a stitch grove. Back in the day, I used a marking wheel and awl for the hand stitches down the stitch grove. Today, with the high tensile, tough thread, like Rita Tiger Thread, I'm not cutting a stitch grove, I mark a stitch line with my dividers and predominately use my diamond chisels to cut the stitch holes. Depending on the project, the old awl still has it's moments. No reason you couldn't cut a stitch grove to sink your stitches below the leather surface, and then use the diamond chisels to cut the stitching holes.
  3. Excellent work. I'll have to rethink my pattern for this type of holster. Very slick.
  4. He has a Facebook page with contact info
  5. sideforce

    1911 Duty Rig

    Awesome work!
  6. sideforce

    Copying and copyright(ing) 'n' stuff

    In this world of wide-open media and communication, if one desires to keep a technique or design secret, then they should not put it out there with an expectation it won't be used. YouTube is an excellent resource for information, techniques, and skills. I've learned and benefited from the efforts others have made to put it out there. Particle, I thank you for your efforts to share the craft, for without sharing it will die out. As Rhale stated, "Some people just like to complain." Let them, most of it is ego-driven, desiring acclaim for creating something, that for the most part has already been done before. Are there truly any original ideas remaining?
  7. Lots of questions, I'd suggest doing some research. Al Stohlman has a great book on making holsters. In the meantime: Thread - I use 1.0mm Ritza Polyester "Tiger Thread" for holsters along with a Size 1/0 John James harness needle. Awls: visit Tandy, in person or online for an inexpensive, but good quality awl.
  8. sideforce

    Needing belt bag pattern

    There's this option from Leatherely on Etsy, $6,