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  1. sideforce

    Back holster

    Awesome work!
  2. sideforce


    From Tandy Leather Leathercraft Library. Tandy Sporran Pattern
  3. sideforce

    Leather suspenders with a holster

    Built a shoulder rig for a friend with removable dual mag pouch, used Chicago Screws to mount it to the strap. Mayhap you could use the strap guide in Stohlman's holster book to manage the shoulder and tail strap, centering the weight in the middle of the shoulders. The holster could be figured to attach the same as the mag pouches. Perhaps the holster could attach on the leading edge to the suspender with a down strap to the belt on the bottom rear of the holster. Not sure that would be stable though.
  4. Not finding your link to Aluminum Mold Guns
  5. .08 Tiger thread would work. Depends on the stitches per inch (spi) used. For 6 spi use 1.0 Rita Tiger thread, for 8 spi I drop to .08.
  6. Slick. I wonder if there are shorter clips for parallel carry?
  7. sideforce

    Gun Belt

    Amazing work!
  8. sideforce

    Recent Builds