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  1. How to make Holsters by Al Stohlman has a good pattern for shoulder holsters. Using Chicago screws as chiefjason suggests add versatility.
  2. Here's a version I came up with for a 4.25" 1911. make it a skosh longer, change up what you want. PDF file is at the bottom of the post. Good luck! I have made a similar version without the retaining strap. 1911 Commander Rohdesian Holster.pdf
  3. Look on YouTube for Horane - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsVt6cz7ruCl1IgogxMTaUQ, he posts good videos of the build and offers free pdf templates. There's a nice money clip, metal spring clip type, bifold wallet in his video's with a pattern. Good luck!
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