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  1. For sale is a tippman boss in great shape. Included is the machine three packs of needles a narrow pressor foot a standard pressor foot material guide and a almost full 2 lb spool of neutral thread tool kit and manual 925 plus shipping firm. Getting out of leather work due to time restrictions
  2. hey itch it has... 4 3/16 2 1/16 8 3/8 It will do any combo up to 4 inches i can meet in Knoxville to save on shipping it
  3. Hello all I have a nice little strap cutter for sale, it will do up to a four inch strap no problem. It is directional meaning you can flip a switch and it will cut either way. On the right side is a presser roller, this is very handy for laminating and gluing. The machine comes with all the spacers needed and five blades in great shape. Operates with a foot peddle so you can work hands free. This machine is heavy so if you would like it let me know where you are so I can tell you shipping cost. Im cleaning out the shop and have gotten away from making belts so i just dont need it any more.
  4. I have a boss I will trade if you are interested. Thanks
  5. Hello What modle is the singer? Where are located? and does it have a motor on it? Thanks
  6. after some diggin it turns out that this company owns 29 percent of adler and they are juki clones, they are much more popular in europe and elese where around the world. I have read good things about them so far but they are geared more to the commercial side of the sewing industry. They are not really interested in selling there models retail but prefer selling them hundereds at a time to factories.
  7. Hello every one, i have come across a what looks like a goo deal on a zoje flat bed machine with table motor and head, the set up is 2 years old and looks like it just came out of the box. My question is are Zoje machines any good. Thanks
  8. Would a pull style spitter work for making tinner leather for binding edges? Or do i need a crank type? Thanks
  9. Hello all I am one of "those" people that use the boss. i would like to french stich with it, i know the old attchment was not great. Any ideas on how i can make one? Thanks
  10. I had a custom order for one of my bags the customer wanted it in green. I used feibings pro oil dye. I let it dye for three days buffed out the extra dye and sealed it with bag coat. I had to refund the purchase as the dye rubbed off on her hands and coat. I have the bag back. what can I do to seal this bag?
  11. i dont want to hi jack the tread but what does suntanning mean/do to leather? thanks
  12. Is this a good sub for nestsfoot oil? I can not darken the item im working on Thanks
  13. Hello all i just fimished the dye on a messanger bag it a deep hunter green done with feidind oil dye on 7 oz veg. Now what to finish it with? Pics of examples would be great. Thanks
  14. Helli all i just finished the dye on deep green messanger bag 7 oz veg. My quedtipn is what to finish it with now? I used pro oil stain blended. Also pics of you finish would be great. Thanks
  15. i would like the pattern as well rivetandleatherco@gmail.com
  16. I have seen where several people gave added a spring thar pushes the handle back to the up position. Maybe that will help aldo the cast aluminum modle have this added i think
  17. In regaurds to mounting i will be building a oak cobblers bench similar to the one on the tippmann web site but not built out of stained 2x4s
  18. Hi i would like a copy if these please Thanks Email rivetandleatherco@gmail.com
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