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  1. Do you have any suggestions on a motor size and model that I should look for?
  2. Thanks for the info. How big of a project would it be to put a servo motor on it?
  3. Thanks guys I’m pretty sure it is the seiko CH As the serial number starts in a ch.
  4. I have recently purchased this machine at a garage sale for what I think is a good deal $700. This is my first machine and I am looking for info like the brand or at least what is a cloned of. it seems to be a 441 class machine. The part that throws me off is the Short shaft at the front of the machine, I’m curious what it is used for and if there is any adjustment the need to be done with it overtime. I believe the machine has been repainted at some point As the serial number plate on the side looks like it has been removed and then replaced. Thanks for your time
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