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  1. I have a Tandy Crafttool Hand Press that I would like to sell. I'm located in Omaha, NE. I bought it at our local Tandy store and then I acquired a Little Wonder Weaver press. So the Tandy press has never been used and it's still in the box. It's retailing now for $199.99. $155.99 if you have an club membership. If you are in the Omaha area, make me a reasonable offer. Thanks. I can get a photo to upload from my phone. I can email one to you.
  2. This is just the type of question I wanted to ask. Using a shop-press for clicking out leather. The 20 ton press is very cool. Has anyone ever used a little one ton arbor press, from Harbor Freight, to click out small pieces? I was hoping to get a small, inexpensive press, that I could have a die made for, to click out firefighter helmet shields with. With a few modifications I could start clicking out my pieces for way less than paying for an expensive clicker from Weaver or Tippmann. Has anyone ever tried this? Thanks.
  3. Hooper26

    White Leather

    Does anyone know where to buy white veg tan leather? I see that some people who are making fire helmet shields cut out the white shields from what looks like thick white leather. I just finished a shield that had to be white. I painted it using Tandy's white edge flex paint. If there is white leather that is drum dried all the way through, that would work great for a future project. I will put two links that show this leather being cut out and examples of finished shields done in all white leather. Thanks, Andrew https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfLzSGqIXhs http://www.blacksmokeshields.com/#!page2/cjg9
  4. I made a helmet shield for one of our firefighters. His captain saw it and asked if I would make one for him. The shield I made had a black body that I used EcoFlo black dye on. According to their policy, a captain's shield must have a white body with black numbers. Does anyone have any tips on turning veg tan leather white? I ordered some acrylic white dye from Fiebings. I haven't received it yet so I'm not sure how well it will work. My hope is to get a good uniform color over the main body of the shield that won't flake off.
  5. Hooper26

    Chrome Tanned Leather

    Is oil tanned leather and chromed tanned leather pretty much the same thing?
  6. Hooper26

    Chrome Tanned Leather

    Where would I buy chrome tanned leather, similar to the kind that Saddleback Leather uses? I've searched Tandy and Springfield's websites and I don't see chrome tanned leather for sale. Is chrome tanned leather sold under a different name? Thanks, Andrew
  7. Hooper26

    New Pro Edge Burnisher

    I'm looking for some advise on how to properly mount my new burnishing drum to a bench grinder. More specifically, I'm trying to figure out what brand of grinder or bench polisher I should buy and what piece of hardware I will need to mount the burnisher to the machine. I would like to mount a sanding drum on the opposite side of the machine. I thought I had this figured out, but no one at my local hardware store seems to know what I will need to modify a grinder to accept the burnisher. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  8. I used 8-9 oz. Oak Leaf from Tandy. The buckle, D, and Chicago screws are brass from Weaver Leather. I used Tiger thread to sew it together.
  9. Hooper26

    Weaver Leather Introduction

    If Weaver Leather would sell the Ritza 25 Tiger thread 1.0mm on 500m full spools in different colors, I would be ordering from them all the time. I'm also guessing that any Tiger thread would be flying off the shelf like it's the end of the world.
  10. Hooper26

    Weaver Little Wonder ?

    Can it punch oval holes? Thanks
  11. Hooper26

    Thoughts On Tippman Boss Sewing Machine?

    I was seriously thinking about the Tippmann Boss because of its compact size. However I've read too many horror stories about it. So I think the Tippmann is going to be a no go for me. For it's price I should be able to take it out of the box and sew with no problem. I'm thinking the Cobra Class 18 is the way to go.
  12. What is the brand of the pricking iron?
  13. Where do you order your WC bridle leather from? Thanks,
  14. Hooper26

    Best Quality Light Weight Veg Tan?

    Did you order directly from Wicket and Craig or did you go through a dealer?