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  1. Headstall and breastcollar pieces mostly. Kinda specific shapes tho.
  2. Not to hijack, does anyone know if/where I could get already cut pieces to put together my own tack? Knife-cutting isn't cutting it for me lol
  3. Hi all!!! I'm looking for anywhere that I can buy clicker-cut pieces for tack. Tried cutting out my own by hand with a knife and am incredibly frustrated trying to get them exactly the same along the edges. Really want to put together my own tack since I can't afford to buy what I like, but I can put it together myself if I can just get nice pieces, can't afford a clicker and dies right now . Thanks!!!
  4. Sooo,just wondering if it would work to burnish edges of stitched double layer leather without beveling them first or no? If I don't care that the edges look rounded(which I don't) could I do it that way or is there some other purpose to beveling first?
  5. Hi Bob, Thanks for the welcome and info Guess I'll wait for Spinner or someone to see and reply about outdoorproof sealer
  6. Hi guys,newbie here! I know there's a few posts about this kind of stuff,but can't seem to find the info I'm looking for specifically,so any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Sooo,here goes..... (1) Is there REALLY any difference between "leather" paints,and acrylics(say,FolkArt)? (2) Can one/does one condition/oil leather anywhere in the process? If so,before or after painting? (3) Is there a REALLY GOOD sealer available? I'd prefer satin finish rather than stark high-gloss,but.... Thanks so much in advance for any help and I would love any other info/knowledge you might have about the whole painting/finishing thing!!!
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