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  1. This is my first post, but I have been lurking for quite some time, nut I have finally decided to tap into the collective knowledge of this site. I have been actively looking for a "Full Grain" leather that is drum dyed throughout. I need the leather to be preferrably 5/6oz with the 7oz being the absolute max thickness. I do not care if the leather is veg tan, chrome tanned, or oil tanned. It just needs to wear well, and be able to patina with time and use. I have searched different suppliers and goods manufactures to try to find the ellusive hide. The closest thing I can find would be the leather Saddleback uses for their products, but I am confused because Dave Munson says that he uses chrome tanned leather, but everything else I have read has said that Chrome tanned will not Patina. And I know from experience that SB leather ages very well. I have ordered from Weaver, Waterhouse, Tandy, and Springfield. So basically I am looking for a full grained, 5/6oz, fully dyed bropwn leather that will age well. Does anyone know of a supplier that has such a hide. Or does anyone know of a specific hide from the above manufatures that fits this criteria? I am open to any help I can get...thanks -Jake
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