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  1. I was looking for that little knot you use to make a prepunched rows look better, but it appears they are no longer on Youtube.
  2. OR you could buy a one inch punch from Osborn whack it with a three pound maul and be done with it.
  3. this is a rank chevron from around WW1 .... http://picclick.com/WW1-Saddler-felt-on-twill-Chevron-Stripe-Patch-321169480437.html
  4. Sounds like a decision from a rather slow district manager.
  5. As to the side piece what I assume you mean the gusset Instead of one long piece I like to use 3 shorter pieces sewn together. The end pieces being slightly fan shaped and with a shallow point on the end that gets sewn to the bottom piece. I feel this style makes it lay flatter when you don't have much stuff in the case if you do it this way.
  6. Not so many that he will not have most of them learned by the time he's done make one.
  7. I have always wanted to play with doing a really open filigree over a nice contrasting wood for a box/case.
  8. For what, each different task has a leader. Even then there are many who's favorite tool is not even a brand but old.
  9. This is a must for anytime your using something that makes dust, you don't know what it will do to you and it maybe something we don't discover for many years down the road.
  10. I have seen very few for under a dollar but just this week i got 6 pre-63 craftools for like 2.71 a piece.
  11. Congrats 6 blue ribbons outstanding, you know that holster is very nice and well balanced in it look.
  12. That is so gorgeous,it just says this is how life should be.
  13. In Stohlman's Booklet on leather tools he show how to make something similar by cutting down a smooth beveler tool and mounting it into a handle.
  14. Tandy has gone eco friendly so it's mostly all water based now. Even that Super Sheen is now made water based I believe. Maybe try Fiebing's or some other company that is not water based.
  15. Reading through the previous responses it should become clear the answer is, what are they worth to you? If your buying to use then 5-10 is about right, maybe a bit more for the rare ones. If your collecting them then maybe paying a bit more would be OK. Remember that the tool number, especially concerning the older tools, is just a guide to what they may look like, an average if you will. I have 4 different c-431 from different time periods and each one looks quite different and I do use all 4. I also notice i never have the right size pear shader no matter how many diffnet ones I have.
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