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  1. Ye its perfect now. The issue was the knee lifter not seated correctly and therefore the foot was not lowering to the lowest point. You guys are the best
  2. Ah ok...So just so I understand,,with the feeddogs down a piece of paper should still NOT slide out?
  3. Hi thnx for replying..Its a standard straight stitch machine. Would you know how to make this adjustment?
  4. Hi,thx for the reply. I just need to understand one thing..(well a couple things really). But mainly regarding this test.should the feed dogs be up or down? I did the test with the dgos up and i cannot pull out the paper using the teflon thicker feet..However it comes out when I use the steel thinner feet. With the dogs in the down position the paper is almost completely free when using the steel feet. A small amount of grip when using the teflon feet. How can this adjustment be done.?
  5. Hi guys, This is not about leather but about sewing fabric with my lockstitch machine. When I sew thin fabric the machine does not feed properly and the stitches are tiny..It seems to be making little jumps" On thicker fabric its fine. I have adjusted the pressure all the way both directions but that does not seem to be the cause. Also played around with feed dog height. Any suggestions.?
  6. Hi there thnx for replying..Thing is,,the machine still releases the thread. I cant actually remember if it was easier before oI still have the cable.Uwe ,,how is it reinstalled.? What was it connected to according to your records?
  7. Hi Uwe thnx alot for this info..Soo...what does this cable do ?? And obviously it is not critical ? How is it installed.?
  8. update the rotation is back.and the machine is working..I After the needle broke I replaced the needle but I used th retention hole above the one I was always using, and it was hitting against the thread guide. Good thing I always manually rotate the handwheel after any adjustments to make sure everything is clear. But what is that cable? I must have been there for a reason.!!
  9. I pulled the cable out from the needlebar area as shown
  10. Hi, I agree but this is all I have.If someone can tell me what part the cable is then I can begin to understand what is stopping the rotation And where it goes in the machine. Its an American ( I believe) make called Kissing" Just a straightstitch machine
  11. Guys I really need some help with this. This is not regarding my walking foot leather machine but my garment lockstitch machine I really need right now. I went over a zipper and broke the needle..fine..this is not unheard of. However then realised after that I am not getting a full rotation of the handwheel. I thought it was a thread jam in the shuttle.Its not. So I decided it had to be some internal issue. I popped of the front fascia and saw this cable loosely poking out of the internal mechanism. It obviously was attached somewhere but im not sure what it is .I pulled it out to take the photos. SCan someone knowledgeable pls tell me what this cable is and how one gets access to the internals of these machines? It cant be normal that a broken needle scenario would cause this damage?. pls help..I really need to use this machine currently.
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