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  1. Would vinyl naturally crease like that? (mainly show in pics 1 and 4)
  2. How do you treat leather-cloth? Would a regular leather conditioner be good?
  3. I recently got this vintage plycraft lounger chair. I'm struggling if it's vinyl or leather. I want to make sure I treat it/clean it with the right product. Can anyone here tell for sure if this is leather based on these photos? I'm leaning towards vinyl since some of the "grain" looks a little too good, but I could be wrong. Unfortunately the tag only lists the foam material.
  4. Thanks for all of the input everybody!
  5. Thanks. I guess I was just hoping there was a somewhat easy way to remove dye like this. Hate covering up all the leather but that might be the best route
  6. Thanks! Would a balm/finish "seal" in the dye/finish that seems to be rubbing off with saddle soap?
  7. Thanks. I guess I'm a little worried the rough out part could be bonded leather. Very new to this and don't know how to tell genuine leather for sure.
  8. Having a terrible time trying to remove bleeding dye from this seat back. It's a cool piece and I hate to get rid of it. Trying to decide if it's worth the effort though It just has such a strange look to it. The thought crossed my mind, is this even genuine leather? Here are some closeups. Appreciate any input. Confused by the dark lines on the lighter parts (they look the same wet and dry). I've scrubbed for hours with saddle soap and rags still come up orange.
  9. Thanks! Is there a less toxic option? This is already in my house and It was very hard to move. I don't necessarily care about the color, I just want to stabilize it so no dye rubs off. Wouldn't a lacquer prevent the leather from breathing/being able to be conditioned?
  10. Any pointers? Stumped on where to go with this thing and would hate to get rid of it. Have never encountered this issue with leather. Thanks
  11. I have a vintage leather recliner and it looks like somebody re-dyed the seat back. It is a different color than the rest of the chair (more orange-y). When using saddle soap on the chair, orange dye bleeds off so I am very hesitant to sit on it. I've seen deglazers but just wondering how harsh that would be. What does the finish of a tan leather look like after using a deglazer? Would something less toxic like vinegar or rubbing alcohol work to remove a dye/finish like this? Open to any thoughts/suggestions on removing or how to prevent this dye from bleeding? I'd be fine just stabilizing it so it doesn't rub off on anything. (wondering if a simple wax conditioner might do this) Thanks! Here is a quick photo of the area:
  12. Thanks guys. So would saddle soap really be the best product for a couch? I haven't heard of anyone using saddle soap on furniture. It doesn't really need a cleaning, just a conditioning and a product I can use for general upkeep. Not sure that I really want to get it wet using saddle soap. Does anyone have any experience with Chamberlains or Bick? My experience with waxes or balms like Smiths is they leave a sticky finish and can really darken leather.
  13. Hello, I have an older leather couch (about 25 years old) that is new to me. Overall it has been well kept but it could definitely use a good basic conditioning. It's an important piece to me and I want to make sure I keep it in good shape. Ideally I'd like something as gentle and as natural as possible and something that will not darken the leather (or at least only minimally). I've narrowed it down to: Bickmore Bick 4 (have used it in the past and like it, but don't like that silicone is in the ingredients) Chamberlains Leather Milk, either the regular No. 1 or the furniture specific No. 5 (Haven't used any of their products before) How bad is silicone as an ingredient? (as in Bick 4) Appreciate any helpful info! Made in the USA is a plus, and a company that has some history is also a plus. But my main concern is something that is going to be safe for my couch and protect for years to come. Thanks!
  14. I'm not really saying they didn't work, they just didn't do what I was hoping (which again, I don't know if that is possible). I have a bottle of leather honey on the way.
  15. And just to see what people think (for the original question) what is a good conditioner for a couch? I own bick 4 but don't like it. I plan on trying leather honey next.
  16. Thank you Art! Very helpful information. I definitely just need to keep learning, and ya, this is a good practice piece! Thanks again
  17. They were relatively cheap and I'm just trying to learn some things on my own. Not really worth it to me to pay somebody. There isn't a way for me to tell if it does have a coating? I can easily see and feel the grain, cracks, etc of the leather. Doesn't a leather coating give it a solid color over the leather? (Again, I am not an expert, just trying to learn!) Water does bead on the leather (but after a couple minutes does mostly soak in and shows dark on the leather), but again, I recently treated it with pecards which also acts as a water repellent. And I'm confused...is it good or bad to remove the coating if there is one?
  18. I am new to leather, I have no idea how to tell the type of leather. How would I know if I stripped something off? It is probably 15-20 years old. It is a pottery barn set, about $5k new. So I'm guessing it's higher end leather. I posted a while back about a crack it has in it. I just added the photos above. Maybe they will help to be able to tell what kind of leather it is. Is there a way I can tell? So if it's bycast or bonded what do you to treat? The leather is old and is starting some cracking/lines so it definitely needs something whatever it is. Thanks!
  19. Hi guys, I have a leather couch and armchair that I got a few months ago. When I bought them, I treated them with pecards (they were pretty old and dry) but the leather stayed sticky for quite a while. I was curious what your professional opinion would be on the best leather conditioner to use on the furniture moving forward? How would I tell if the leather is coated? It's hard, because I did treat it with Pecard's so water beads on it right now (but does sink in and "stain" if left for a few minutes) So the leather does absorb after a bit. Are there any other ways to know if this leather would take a leather conditioner like Leather Honey or Bick well? The leather definitely needs a treatment but it doesn't look like Pecard's did much. Should I try to remove anything that is existing and then apply something else? If so, how should I remove old wax/the pecards, etc? Attached are a few pics of the leather in question. I don't know if you can tell from this photo or not. Thanks!
  20. it's supposed to read "But if it" not "But it" above.
  21. Thank you. I can definitely live with it...the only thing that would bother me is if I'm the one who did it. But if almost definitely looks like it would have been there before 2 days ago, then I am completely good with that. I am just really anal about stuff like this, especially if I'm the one to do it. That's why I was hoping the crack was older than 2 days old.
  22. That's what I want to hear! Even though I applied one layer of dressing/conditioner the day I got it, do you definitely think the crack is older than 2 days? And would you definitely call it a crack, and not a cut? It seems very straight...cracking I have seen usually isn't so straight. But I am very new to leather in general...especially older leather.
  23. Anybody else have any opinion? I did put some pecard's leather dressing on it the day I got it home. So that might account for some of the darkening. But do you guys think this could have possibly been done 2 days ago...or is definitely an older crack? And would you call it a crack or a cut? And is it odd that it just cracked there? Seems weird there is just one solitary, long (like 6") crack.
  24. That's what it looks like to me too. But I am also no expert either. I wonder if there is an expert on this? haha. I know this is an odd question. *added a closeup crop above.
  25. Hi guys. This might be a weird question. But I bought this leather club chair yesterday. After I got it home I noticed a pretty long (probably 6 inches) crack/cut in the back seat of the chair. It does not go all the way through the leather, but your fingernail catches it. I didn't go over the chair too closely before I bought it so I could have missed it. The seller says it wasn't there when I bought it, but it's very dark...and I don't know how I could have done it while moving it. So I'm thinking (and hoping) it has been there a while. Is there any way this could have happened yesterday? I have a weird thing where I am completely fine with damage/distress on an item as long as I didn't do it. If I mess something up it drives me nuts! So I'm hoping this was there before I picked it up yesterday. Is there any way to tell from these photos or no?
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