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  1. Also, if anyone has any feedback about the weight of leather. I'm thinking of 4oz... Does that sound about right?
  2. I believe so. I know it shares the same properties as the color changing.
  3. If it's vinyl, you could just use a vinyl dye. Auto detailers use it to dye seats and carpet. Should be able to find it online or at a professional auto detail supplier. If you find it local, they should be able to match to what you are looking for. Most car dealers use vendors for this sort of stuff. You might could just stop by a dealer and ask who their interior guy is.
  4. I've made several seats. I've only used veg tanned before. I'm considering using an Oil (chrome) tanned leather to recover a extra seat I have. It is a traditional padded seat. I'm also thinking of using it to make a vest. I've only used an oil tanned leather once before for a messenger bag. I'm curious about your experiences with in in these applications. I appreciate any input and feedback. Thanks!
  5. David, what's a header blade? I think a gouge tool would be the way to go. They are adjustable, so you could vary the depth and therefore the width of the lines. Personally, I would simply antique it. I've never used paints though.
  6. I hold projects together with clamps, at the suggestion of someone else on the forum. I use small binder clips for smaller projects and larger clamps I got at lowes for larger ones. If I understand your issue, you are sewing, and the inside piece slides out between the fold? If that is the case, you could always cut the gusset and then sew the three pieces together, and then finish the edge.
  7. I don't think you can burnish Chrome tanned leather. An edge coat or a rolled edge is about the only real choices, from what I understand. I work nearly entirely with Veg. A dyed through shoulder could be veg tanned. Ask whoever you are buying from. Case leather? I assume you are refering to cased leather. Cased leather is veg tanned leather that has been wet and allowed to return to a near natural color. Basically, the moister is in the middle of the leather. This is a step in carving leather, not a type you buy. The type of leather you use really comes down to what you are wanting to make. I personally wouldn't make a wallet with chrome tanned leather. Not that you can't and that it wouldn't be nice, it's just not really my style of wallet. If I were, I would do as the other member suggested and roll the edge. The easiest, though, if you want a burnished edge on your wallets is to simply get veg tanned leather.
  8. Okay, that's pretty awesome, Dwight. I think you are right, hanging it looks like the way to go. I might hang mine a little different. I think your idea is better than mine, but it might be more than work than I want to do. I got a wall hanger system from lowes yesterday. I got a rod shelf thing that attaches to it. It has three rods, kind of like a hanging rod in a closet. I I'm going to make hangers with a swivel to hang the leather from those rods. I figured I'd take some fabric and make a curtain to go around it, to keep the sun off of it. Doing the wall hanging system, I can use it to store a lot of other items also. I'll let you know how it comes out once I get it done. Thank you guys for your input!
  9. So, I'm looking for some ideas. I'm wanting to build a shelf / storage system for leather. Does anyone have any pictures of what they use? I'm wanting to build a shelf to store the leather flat. I was thinking of adding some side "stations" to it. I was thinking a place to set up a small sewing machine, or the like. I'm thinking of just building it from 2x4 and plywood. I'm just having touble visualizing it.
  10. Try this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikoKfgm2SMw
  11. Does the glue form the outside edge, or the stitches?
  12. I know, and certainly agree. I guess what I am asking is what is the best practice to be certain I don't.
  13. Okay, so, I need a little input. I'm making this large card carrier. It has a gusset with the seams on the inside. The issue I'm having is that the stitches appear uneven when it is fliped inside out and some of the stitches show. How do you get a nice tight straight looking line? I believe my issue is coming from the glue line and the stitches pulling a little loose when it is flipped inside out, but I'm not 100% sure. The first one I did, I didn't skive the edges. The one I'm working on now, I've skived about 1/4" in (It's 2oz veg tan). I used my machine on the first one with 207 thread. I'm not sure about the stitches per inch. Should the glue line create the line, or the stitches? I was thinking maybe a thinner thread (69) with more stithces per inch as one option. Any ideas or input is welcome.
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