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  1. Hello, this is Eugene with the medical biker bracers. Reply to this so I can ask you some questions.

  2. I dig your hammer, I dont haveone that style, yet.
  3. I havent made one but, I'd buy one based on all the other criteria for a maul. properly shaped handle and a balanced head. Then i would hope that someone that would make one would try to make it as an artform itself. maybe a marbled head and a curly cherry handle. well dang that dont sound too bad!
  4. No i'm up hwy109 towards dawson springs. Near the state park.
  5. Im just up the road from both of you on the other side of hoptown a few miles. got kids that live there too.
  6. I really like the bobbin plate Someone like myself with deginerating vertabra could really possibly use. thanks for sharing. Bro Timothy
  7. If you want acrylic, calljoyce at blackriver.
  8. Check these folks out. They sell manufactures NOS and overstock inventory. They have phase convertors and offer technical advice too. I have purchased many different items from them for 20 plus years. https://www.surpluscenter.com/Electrical/3-Phase-Motors/Phase-Converters/ Bro. Timothy
  9. Thank you for your insight and information. Bro. Timothy.
  10. I like it! what size is the thread? hand or machine? bet it was fun to make.
  11. Howdy Folks, I'm an eternal western movie fan. I usually get to see all different types and styles of leatherwork contained within them. Ideas can be gleaned from them although, not the only motivation in watching. I have however found an edging pattern that would be translated nicely into a mallet die that could be used repeatedly side by side. yes, it is that big, yet not so. It would be similar to a scolloped belt end punch of a certain size and a few punch tubes. So I know that leaves out texas die because they will not do a mallet with tubes. suggestions? Bro Timothy
  12. I agree with Dwight completely with only one addendum for myself. I have recently been using an air powered paint gun to apply my thinned resolene. I find I can vary the thickness of coats and can apply to many different products in a rapid pace while still leaving a wonderful surface. Doing one or two small items, do what Dwight has said. Bro. Timothy
  13. Yep, love me some stained glass time. just never have any anymore. where does it all go???
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