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  1. Tugadude, thank you. Since the majority of the wallets have been business logos or pictures, I wanted to try to make them stand out in my own way. I love floral/Sheridan patterns, but never get any orders for them lol.
  2. Halitech, I never go closer to the edge than what I do on all the wallets shown. I have not had one person say any have started to split (knock on wood) since I've started selling them. I use to go a bit closer to the edge when I started, and didn't like the way it looked. I totally agree that I should having stopped the stitch groove would have made it look better. I was going to stitch all the way around, that's why I put the groove like that but during the making of it, I sent update photos and she asked if I could stop the stitching up to the insides and not go all the way around.
  3. Just wanted to post a couple wallets I've done this past year. The advice I received here when I was first starting helped me become better and sell better quality products. Thank you too all that gave me critics and advice.
  4. Thank you Lithops. I am going to subscribe to the journal. I appreciate the advice. here is the updated experiment. I think they turned out alright and I know I have a long way to go.
  5. This is my first attempt at making spur straps. I had a piece of leather that was not very good so I just did this for practice to try to learn a pattern. If anyone can give some advice on how and where to get patterns or where a good place to start would be I would appreciate it. Thank you Gabriel
  6. Nice backpack. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Thanks for offering the template. Nice design.
  8. Oh haha. I again agree with you and see how that would help the photos. I am a graphic designer and was thinking about putting all the photos in photoshop and putting a white background around the products. I don't know why I'm so lazy when it comes to taking the photos. I usually just put it somewhere flat. Thank you very much for your great suggestions.
  9. Thanks for putting the pattern up. It is a great looking bag
  10. Thor thanks for the suggestions. I see what you mean about the edges being the same color and will definitely start doing that. I think it would look much better too. What do you mean a different background? Background tool or like a border around the design? Thanks again.
  11. Tugadude, I use the 4 prong diamond punch from Tandys for the holes. Thank you.
  12. Just wanted to post a few wallets that I have done lately. I want to learn how to do floral designs, but I keep getting order's for a lot of logos.
  13. Thanks David. Yes I just added color today. Will post a pic tomorrow of it.
  14. Thanks Monicajacobson and tomt. Appreciate the remarks. Here are a couple other pics and a long wallet I just completed.
  15. Hello everyone. It's been awhile since I've been on but wanted to post pics of a few new things I have done. I like to think I've improved a bit.
  16. Their is a shop out here that lets me pick through the scrap bin and take what I want for free. I've made 4 stops and have taken about 5-6 each time. Rough edges and some over cuts but I put layers of tape to protect my work and they are perfect.
  17. I paid $40 for the barn stuff lol. This was a hard work appreciation gift
  18. Thank you wscott. I'm very happy and excited )
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