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  1. these are awesome and will help a lot when making armor for my guys you should also post these in the reenactment section so no one misses out. i love the steampunk goggles! that will be my first project i think thanks for all your work, looking forward to more
  2. yeah this is the design he wanted too. the one he has now is a woven strap that looks real cheap but he loves that is crosses in the back. great info thanks. I will look into kevlar thread.
  3. I have a few questions about a blacksmith apron I am going to make for my brother. I have never made any clothing before so I want to get all the info I can so I don't mess up. My brother does classes and events so he will be seen by a lot of people and I want my work to look good on him. I have done some research already and have a basic pattern that he is happy with. here is what I would like some help with: 1. what kind of leather is best to use? I am thinking buffalo. he wants a slick hide (not suede) in dark brown. what thickness is best? maybe 5 ounce? 2. how best to put it all together? can I stitch with a thin metal (cause normal thread will get burnt and break) or should I rivet it all together? 3. should I make my pattern on paper or cloth? paper would be cheaper but I am wondering if cloth would be easier to try it on so it fits more like leather will. 4. the strap that goes around his waist needs to be a little adjustable and I am not sure how to do it. I am thinking 2 D rings on one end and a straight strap on the other and he can pull it as tight as he wants and pass it back through the other ring to hold it. or maybe a buckle? it cant be coming undone while he is working but it also cant be uncomfortable. these are all my questions for now. I will also be asking the guy at Tandy and my local SCA leatherworker so I will have a lot of info and be prepared. If this all goes well and he loves it I will probably get business from some of the people of his guild. Please help me not suck, any info is more then I have now. Kindaki
  4. i recently came across a book at my local Goodwill that I picked up called "hwo to make drums, tomtoms and rattles. primitive percussion instruments for modern use" by Bernard S. Mason. it's a book originally published in 1938 and then republished in 1974. it has instructions on how to make native american musical instruments and also some background history on each. i'd be happy to scan some of the pages for you if you wanted. Kindaki
  5. yeah that sounds like it will work as long as the way you connect the two doesnt bother your wrist. i made mine way too long even though i measured everything twice before i cut. i dont want to cut off the bottom of my artwork so i trying to figure out how to fix it. i might end up cutting off the top and having just an arm guard and then making another one now that i know better how long it should be. practice makes perfect. maybe after my 5th attempt i will get it right Kindaki
  6. i am wearing it right now since wearing something is the best way to find out what is wrong with it. i ended up skiving the wrist and around the thumb a bit down to about a 4 ounce. i've kept the main part of the hand (where the bow will sit) at 7 ounce and so far it feels fine. i will probably cut off a little from the top of the hand (where my fingers fold over) for more comfort. i also cut off some from the bottom cause it was hard to bend my arm. there are a few other alterations i will be doing as i wear it more i am sure. the plan is to not take it off till i can wear it all day and not have any discomfort. i laced it together with an elastic cord which is working out really nice. the feather design is not my own. it is a tattoo by Wildspirit. he has a lot of other really cool designs that would look great on leather. i like how his work is slightly tribal but also kind of celtic looking. it's like a soft tribal. Kindaki
  7. finished my arm guard. I used Fred Moreau's pattern that he posted last week and altered it. I used 7 ounce veg tan and did the tooling with modeling spoons. once I use it I am sure I will alter it a little more. I see needing to take a little more off the bottom probably so bending my arm is more comfortable. need to get some more leather so I can start on my quiver next.
  8. this is awesome!! looks like something out of a movie. great job.
  9. they all look really nice. edges look rough on the bracers which could be bothersome if you arnt wearing something under them. an antique over the red pouch would bring out all the stamping you did which cant be seen very well. love red and gold together, really pops.
  10. thank you everyone. i was really worried that it didnt look that good since i am not experienced with making them and i used my wood burner instead of tooling which is new also. i enjoyed painting it the most. she loved it btw. she cried a little but she said it was beautiful. hopefully it doesnt fall apart on her.
  11. My husbands best friend died last week and I wanted to make something for his wife to write in while she was dealing with all the pain. The last place they were together before he got really sick was Hawaii and his ashes are going to be spread there so I made that my theme. I used the chorus in a song by Helen Reddy called "You and me against the world" which I felt was really perfect. This is my first big project. Usually I make small things like cuffs, key fobs and bookmarks. This project freaked me out and caused lots of stress but I got it done and it doesn't look too bad. I finished it in 2 days. I used a wood burner for all my details and found it works better on cased or damp leather instead of dry. I mixed yellow and silver eco-flo waterstain and covered all my pieces then painted with cova colors. I resisted all my paintings then covered everything with antique light brown. I put a waterproofer and conditioner over everything once it dried overnight. I used Jute cord to do the boarder and braided a long piece of jute for my wrap closure which has a shell on the end. I know my work is very beginner so I am open to advice on how to make this better and easier next time I decide to drive myself crazy and try a larger project. And sorry for the dark photos. I plan to get better ones in the morning before I give it to her. Kindaki
  12. i know nothing about making shoes but i wonder isn't there something like shoe forms (kind of like dress forms but for feet) you can use to make shoes certain sizes and then you can sell them by size instead of having to custom make every pair. this would make it easier for people to buy from you when you start selling and make life a lot easier on you. so if shoe forms exist (if they dont someone get on that) then I would look into those. the sandals look really good btw, my husband would wear them
  13. grommets sound like what i am looking for and gluing them as you set is a great idea to make sure everything is going to stay together. where else can i find grommets other then tandy? think a fabric store or hardware store will carry what i need?
  14. I am making some suede pouches and want to add eyelets to the holes in the top so the cord goes through easier and it looks nicer. I am having a problems with the eyelets I have and am wondering if there are special ones for cloth that I should be using or if I maybe need to reinforce the holes with a second layer of suede or a small piece of veg tan. The eyelets keeps coming out is what my problem is. any advice is helpful, thanks.
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