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  1. TB and SF, thank you very much for the advise.
  2. Hi, I like basket weave pattern on my some project. After stamping, I have difficulty in highlighting lines in between the stampped patterns so at to make thr design stands out. I would someone out there could advise me how to effectively highlighting those lines in between stamps. Thank you in advance.
  3. The retractable handle, wheels and stand come as a set. I got it from a hardware shop over here in Singapore. The TSA lock is also from the shop.
  4. Thank you for those who commented. I used vegetable tanned tooling leather on the outer layer. The dimensions are 56x40x18(LxWxH)cm. I used it for the first time on my recent oversea trip. It's width is less then 2cm short of the alse gap between the seats. It fit nicely into the overhead luggage compartment as well. BTW, the checked pattern was formed using manually cut leather strips of about 3cm wide. The strips were dyed in 2 colors to produce the alternate design. To tell the truth, it was originally intended to be a picnic/grocery bag. I realized that the weight would be too heavy for practical use after putting all the strips together. The checked pattern mean each side is doubled layered plus another layer for the lining. So the weight became a problem then and prevented me from continuing further. It took me a few weeks of thinking before deciding to turn I into a luggage bag. Attached are some photo shots during the process and conceptual design drawing.
  5. There is only a simple zip pocket inside. Nothing much.
  6. Hi All, I am Francis from Singapore and this is me first post here. Attached is the project I completed recently. Pleas feel free to comment. Thank You so much. ;-)
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